Another Strange Roster Move by the Phils

Matt Gelb continues the recent trend of Phils beat reporters going hard at the team’s managerial and front office decisions. He questions the use of Mike Adams yesterday: []

There were questions as to why Adams was even at Fenway Park.

Originally, the team’s plan called for Adams to face hitters Friday at a controlled session in Clearwater, Fla. Then, Adams was scheduled to appear in a minor-league game Monday with the plan of activating him Wednesday. This is the agenda pitching coach Rich Dubee plotted.

Adams threw to hitters Friday and proclaimed himself fit. Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said, in a statement, that Adams was “a little rusty.” That did not dissuade them from activating him Sunday.

During Sunday’s loss, Adams briefly warmed in the bullpen. His action Monday came in the final moments of a rout.

“He needs work,” Manuel said. “He definitely needs work. The part that was discouraging was 30 pitches. That means that we can’t use him [Tuesday]. He threw some balls that were close and he ended up walking some.”

Not only did the Phillies use Adams in this blowout, they also called upon Antonio Bastardo and Justin De Fratus. Both pitchers threw short outings. For De Fratus, it was his second straight day he appeared. That could render him unavailable Tuesday. So if the Phillies hold an eighth-inning lead Tuesday, Bastardo will be asked to protect it on his second consecutive day of work.

It seems that, lately, the narrative coming from the beat reporters has been decidedly anti-Amaro and Manuel.


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  1. When Uncle Charlie is eventually relieved of his duties, I hope and pray Rich Dubee goes with him. Now more than ever, I’m convinced both those clowns don’t have a goddamn clue how to handle a pitching staff.

  2. They mishandled Howard’s condition. He has that knee problem now because Charlie fucking played him every single day in Spring Training. Coming off a major surgery and right into playing every single spring training game was wrong and now we are going to pay for it.

    This season sucks but I’m ready for an overhaul.

  3. Ruben is the biggest problem. Lose Delmon already. He is just adequate with no upside. Bring up Ruf.

  4. Rube didn’t make the senile one put Adams in in a blowout loss. Now we get to see Durbin come in to hold a close game? AMIRITE? Chad 7.80 era Durbin! Yay for senility!

  5. Blow it up? Who will take any of our guys? Maybe Lee and Papelbon. Does anyone think we will even think about trading Hamels? Who would take Utley, Howard, Rollins or Ruiz right now?

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