Ben Revere, Needs Calibration

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13 Responses

  1. Stupid ninja. We shoulda dropped him when he said “cheesecake” and then thought he corrected his mistake by ordering A chicken cheese steak hoagie. Fucking koon prick!

  2. I thought he was fast??? An a great defender??? He’s hit into how many dp’s an misplayed how many balls??? Wtf!!!???

  3. At least we only gave up Vance Worley (and Trevor May) for Revere, but I think we got the wrong Twins centerfielder. Too bad we didn’t get Denard Span instead.
    Revere has made some great catches, but his route running reminds me of how Victorino used to circle around fly balls.
    And Revere has already grounded into seven double plays?
    And I’m still trying to figure out how he hit .290 playing full time with the Twins last year. Well, maybe he’ll improve. Hope so.

  4. When will The Rube start taking heat from our ‘tough media’ for all these bone-headed moves?

  5. Meanwhile Ender Inciarte is tearing it up in AA for the D’Backs. Good thing Rube decides to return the only rule 5 guy worth a crap to make a roster spot for Ezequiel Carrera. Yeah – Enciarte is 22 & hitting over .300 with double digit steals and more walks than the big piece of crap.

  6. I’m done with Philly’s Most Irrelevant Sports Blog. The 700 Level updates more often and has more than gossip and a spoiled suburban, private school kid’s annoying opinions.

    1. Totally agree. This site is terrible. Half ass updates, 90% of the posts are paid for. Doesn’t ever update on weekends- THIS IS A SPORTS BLOG NOT A M-F- 9-5. EVERYONE STICK TO 700LEVEL FOR QUALITY. FUCK THIS SITE.

  7. Regarding the previous negative comments, I really like this site, and it’s certainly edgier than the 700level. I even like the occasional non-sports stories on issues that are humorous and trending.
    However, I would like to see updates on weekends, when a lot is going on in sports and around the world. Other than that, keep up the good work, Kyle.

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