Big Scott Pa Back in a Big Way

Already told you that the Paternos are suing the NCAA. But I love that Scott Pa is the one leading the charge. Love it.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 2.38.08 PM

The lawsuit is 41 (41!) pages long. You can read through the entire thing after the jump if you have, like, two hours to kill. I only skimmed it, but I did crack up at these parts:

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 2.41.54 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 2.42.02 PM

Yes, we all feel for the coaching career of Jay Paterno. Somewhere, a Pop Warner team has lost its way.

Read the entire lawsuit after the jump.


14 Responses

  1. Joe Pa never turned down a kids cock like Scott Pa never turned down a meal

  2. Oh yeah…These people have *really* come a long way in proving to people that they’re not extremely over-obsessed with football…Yep, they’re really doing a bang up job of getting their priorities in order….Ugh…

  3. It’s funny because Scott Paterno tried and failed to run for Congress (because he’s a shit) and has “been unable to secure comparable employment” since (because he’s a shit).

  4. Kyle, is Jay Wright still fucking that nova soccer player behind his wife’s back?

  5. so fat scott is saying Tony Hunt was a NFL bust because the NCAA took his wins away? Okay (he’s in the austrian football league right now)

  6. Maybe if Jay Paterno had developed an NFL caliber QB instead of teaching top recruits how to throw the ball to the other teams he would find a job.

  7. In fairness Jay Paterno is a good coach and an excellent recruiter. Should have a job somewhere. He was responsible for the “HD” offense run a few years ago at State.

    1. The HD only worked for a season. Once the other schools figured it out he and the offense were dead in the water.

  8. Fair point your Emminence, but he should still be able to get a D1 coaching job somewhere. Assistant of course, but clearly qualified.

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