Bryce Harper Ran Face First into a Wall Last Night


From the Washington Post:

Harper received 11 stitches under his chin but did not suffer a concussion, according to Nationals officials and Harper’s agent Scott Boras. Harper also underwent “precautionary” X-rays on his jammed left shoulder, Manager Davey Johnson said. He also bruised his neck and knee. The prevailing sentiment was that Harper would probably miss a game or two – even if he pleaded to stay in Monday night as blood dripped down his neck.

There’s nothing funny about this at all. No. Nothing funny. Not at all.

Watch the full video after the jump.

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27 Responses

  1. He’s a heck of a player. I wish the phils had someone with half the heart & talent he has in the OF

    1. upon looking at it a second time, i see this play as more of an miscalculation than a hustle play. still, why i cant stand his doucheyness, my hatred of harper will not prohibit me from recognizing how much of a monster this kid will be in the years to come.

      1. ahh, fuck it! ill be a hater anyway and make a joke! nothing wrong with finding humor in the injury of a douche, right? how about that part of the fence be happily nicknamed “douche proof!”

    2. i have said the exact same thing to many people. seems like everyone wants to hate him, only thing i hate is that he isn’t on our team.

  2. Nothing funny at all is right. Its nice to see a guy go all out, and its something this bunch of diva’s severely lacks…(I’m looking at you J-stroll).

    Its funny – Aaron Rowand does this for the Phils and he’s immortalized, yet this kid does it and its a joke. When’s the last time you saw arguably one of the best players in his/her respective sport put the team before themselves.

    It should be known that I hate the fuckin’ Nats, but c’mon…give the kid some respect, he plays hard.

    1. Rowand CAUGHT THE BALL, and knew he was going to pay for it.
      Bryce lost the ball, and had no idea he was that close to the wall.
      Then the trainer pet his pretty hair like he was soothing a 5 year old girl who skinned her knee.

      Ergo, its funny as shit.

    2. Heart and hustle have nothing to do with this play at all. It is bad defense plain and simple. Informed’s comment was spot on.

      And I do laugh, because if you look closely (or see a slower version around the web) his head comes back down as soon as he touches the warning track and he runs right into the wall without even bracing for impact. He lets his face take all the impact. It is a bang-bang play so hard to react, but it is just horrible defense.

      I will agree that the current Phillies roster rarely shows that extra edge anymore, like they always played with from 05-08. Pretty much have had a complacent attitude after winning in 08.

      I also admit, as much as I hate to, that Harper does show hustle plenty of other times, but not for this one.

  3. This is hilarious. He ran into the wall like a cocky douche. He runs around like he has been in the league for ten years. Maybe next time he will look around when his feet hit the warning track. Plus he missed the ball. There was nothing special about that play. Had nothing to do with heart, he just missed the ball.

  4. Say what you want….i’d sell the farm to have Harper and Trout in our outfield.

  5. I think it’s sweet that the trainer is soothing him with soft brushing of his hair. My Mom used to do that for me when I was sick as a baby. “It’s ok little baby…just sleep…just sleep…”- Nationals trainer

  6. I hope the wall is ok.

    Sorry JD, Guesty McGuest nailed it. The Rowand catch goes on a list of best plays where this play wouldand should go on a bloopers reel if it wasn’t Bryce Harper. Instead, we’ll all get to listen to how he made the ultimate sacrifice and went all out for his team! When in reality, he was out of control, lost the ball, and then went face first in to the wall all of which equals this to being pretty damn funny. Oh and yeah he didn’t make the catch and to top it all off the creepy trainer petted him like a puppy dog. Glad he isn’t seriously injured but this is funny.

  7. It wasn’t a great play because he didn’t make a play haha the kid ran into a wall full speed, had no idea where he was.

  8. This kid’s not gonna be around for ten more years unless he chills out. He badly misjudges the distance to the wall on this so it’s brainless more than fearless.

  9. That is one of the dumbest plays of the year. Right there. The warning track clay under your feet is a totally different feel than grass. That’s a Clown play Yo. Anyway, THAT dumbass is still better than any Phillie besides Mr. Utley who is heading to the twilight of his own career.

  10. What heart and drive. Did the Phil’s win the World Series last year or 5 years ago

  11. Roward was an average player who missed a couple months time to make one out. Not exactly the smartest thing. I’d trade any player on the phils roster or farm system for Harper.

  12. Kids a hell of a ball player. That being said, he totally bloopered this play. YOu can tell hes slowing up as to play the ball off the wall but horribly misjudged the distance and faced the fencing. What a bonehead play. Not Top 10 or the whole league is stroking his hair back pretending this was a hustle play and protecting his feelings.

  13. I agree this wasn’t funny, but at the same time, Harper botched that play all kinds of awful. At least Rowand caught the ball, Harper didn’t. Still, I hope the kid will be okay.

  14. 1. Yes this is funny….only thing better would be if it was Lochte
    2. Rowand caught the ball
    3. Harper was being petted by traininer after the injury….whats next a Beej?
    4. It was Bryce Harper

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