Carlos Ruiz is Out 3-4 Weeks, Ryan Howard Still Sore

Carlos Ruiz will go on the DL tomorrow and will be out 3-4 weeks with a grade 2 hamstring strain, the Phillies announced today. Howard got a cortisone shot in his knee and has a “change” in his left meniscus. He’s day-to-day for now, according to reports. Cool.

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4 Responses

  1. itll be very interesting to see what the phils do in the off season with chooch, utley, and kendrick. i think much of what they will do with them will hinge on their performances this season. with chooch having already missed 25 games and now being out 3-4 weeks, i think it lessens the chances that the phils will re-up on chooch.

    1. But the options at catcher in the minors are too terribly good at present. The much ballyhooed Sebastian Valle was dropped to Double-A while Tommy Joseph has struggled to stay above .200. I suspect Ruben might try and keep Ruiz for another year. If the Phil’s sink like a stone, Utley might be traded, leaving second base in the hands of Freddie Galvis. As for Kendrick, despite how well he’s pitched this season, I’m still not sold on him, the Phils would be careful about giving him a fat contract.

      1. Yeah, I’m surprised how little the development has been for the kid catchers & we all know Kratz is not a solid option moving forward. Depending where this team is in July, there could be a fire sale & utley could be moved. As for KK, he us what he is…a good 3rd or solid 4.

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