CB Reader Survey

I do this every year around this time so I know who I’m talking to. Responses are completely anonymous. Your information will not be shared or sold.

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11 Responses

  1. I ran out of room to cram even more ads on every page and I already put up at least one post per day that’s nothing but a commercial advertisement, so what’s left?


    Still thinking…

    I know…monthly subscription fees!

  2. Every other comment these days is about how far Crossing Broad has fallen, and now you’re floating the idea of a subscription? You’re out of your damn mind.

  3. yo kid ya charge for this site you will be asking for a dollar or two for bus fare, ya feel?

  4. Did anyone just see the clutch save Jon Quick made? If that were Bryz, you’d here the kool aid guys going, “he had no chance on that.”

    Nice to see a goalie make a save in a timely situation.

  5. Yes, go ahead and make this a pay site. With that 10 dollars maximum of total subscription fees, fill your tank up as much as you can, drive to McDonalds and get a job you’re qualified for.

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