Charlie Manuel Didn’t Want to Bother Roy Halladay

“No, [Halladay] was real busy. He was on the plane. I didn’t see him, I mean I saw him walk by me, but he went in the back there. When Ruben and I talked, and I found out exactly what was going on, I kind of looked back and it looked like he was asleep and I didn’t want to bother him.”

Charlie Manuel on 1210 AM


8 Responses

  1. When can we get rid of this bumbling old man of a manager. He clearly has no control over his players anymore.

  2. Dude was asleep on an airplane…it’s not like it was in the clubhouse and he didn’t wanna bother him. Fucking flight to the West Coast, it’s a conversation that can wait until they land.

  3. And Kyle Scott didn’t want to bother writing a relevant sports article while there’s a fresh pile of jocks to sniff…

  4. how the fuck was roy halladay “real busy”? I couldnt care less that chuck let roy sleep and probably approached him later, but how was he “real busy”? Once again chuck’s lack of knowing how to say words, like, as in speaking, shows how fucking stupid he is. Cant imagine any of the players giving a shit what he says because it most likely doesnt make any sense at all. Ax this man, Rube

    1. Shut up, asshole. Instead of bashing Charlie in a consequence-free forum, you go back to surfing porn in your tighty-whitey’s in your mother’s dank, dark basement.

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