Claude Giroux is Being Sued for This 2011 Car Accident

A reader sent us this photo of a fender bender Claude Giroux was involved in on December 10, 2011, the same day that Giroux was kicked in the back of the head by Wayne Simmonds and suffered a concussion. He had a bad day that day.

Now Giroux is being sued by the woman he hit (and her husband!) for damages, injuries, inconveniences and, yeah, marital problems suffered as a result of the crash. In turn, Giroux is suing Frederick Chevrolet because, at the time of the crash, he was driving one of their Camaros as part of a sponsorship deal. Giroux was under the impression from Frederick that he was covered by their insurance, but he wasn’t. The woman, Nicole Ransom (some last name here…), and her husband, Norman, are suing Giroux, Frederick, its insurance company and other Chevy-related entities on three different counts for roughly $1 million… yeah, from that accident.

Count 1: Negligence. Basically, Ransom is claiming that Giroux is a shitty driver who was going too fast, following too closely and failed to take evasive action to avoid the accident. As a result, she “sustained serious and permanent physical injuries, including but not limited to, cervical spine strain and sprain, thoracic spine strain and sprain, lumbar spine strain and sprain, bilateral upper trapezius fibromyositis, and severe damage to her nerves and nervous system.” Those injuries, she alleges, have caused her “mental anguish, physical pain and inconvenience.” And:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.58.25 AM

They are seeking $50,000 plus interest and court costs from each of the six parties on that count.

Count 2, my favorite: Loss of consortium. This:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 12.00.03 PM

They are seeking $50,000 plus interest and court costs from each of the six parties on that count.

Count 3: Property damage. The Ransoms “sustained severe property damage to their motor vehicle, towing and storage costs and rental charges.”

They are seeking $50,000 plus interest and court costs from each of the six parties on that count.

Court documents say that a jury trial is demanded.

Meanwhile, Giroux had already filed a lawsuit against Frederick back in February claiming that he attempted to get insurance on the Camaro, but was not approved. He said that he was then assured by Frederick that he was insured under the dealer’s insurance to be driving the vehicle. He wants Frederick to pay all charges relating to Ransom’s lawsuit.

I spoke with the reader who sent us the photo of the accident– he says that it didn’t appear to be that serious and that the woman was standing outside the car and talking cordially with Giroux and what looked to be Jody Shelley, who was following behind (the reader wasn’t sure on the second player, though). [UPDATE: Ready Tommy says he saw the accident as well and it was Brayden Schenn who followed behind G, not Shelley. Also said woman didn’t appear hurt.] He said it looked like Giroux was signing an autograph for Ransom, but that it could have been some sort of paperwork related to the accident. Regardless, he feels that Ransom’s claims seem excessive in this case. Can’t argue there.

I’m willing to bet this gets settled out of court.

You can view both lawsuits after the jump. I’ve redacted Giroux’s address… which was (still) listed as Danny Briere’s.


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    1. The dude wants to be compensated for the time his wife couldn’t put out due to Giroux’s negligence.

      Sounds legit.

  1. G cares more about eating pussy & drinking than being a superstar!!
    Hope he losses a lot of $$$

  2. Standard scumbag shit right there. See this every day. The people probably have full tort on their auto policies and now they’re going to take full advantage of it…due to their, ahem “injuries.” Lawyer probably coached them to rack up medical bills at a chiropractor or some shit. They do that as long as possible and then right when the limitations are about to run out they file the law suit. The marital problems, lack of sex, etc. is pretty standard crap that the dirt ball lawyers throw in there. They throw in as much shit as possible in the hopes that something can stick. Dirt balls. I hope they get nothing.

    1. And since Giroux is a famous local athlete, these cretins, no doubt coached by the ambulance chaser they hired pulled out all the stops to extort big bucks. Take Count #2 for example, what a load of crapola. I hope they don’t get squat.

  3. Typical Jewish assholes. Can’t stand these pricks. We are a nation of wussies as Rendel put it a few years ago. I hope they get nothing and are banned from any event at WFC or Xfinity for being ass clowns.

  4. Plantiff’s address still listed. I hope someone reading this (or someone named under the lawsuit) takes a torch to their belongings. Fucking scumbags.

  5. I would only do something like this to Crosby or Malkin. Even if G totaled my car, I would still think its cool that I got to meet him. Maybe ask for an autograph, and tickets or something

  6. So, my legal first name is Ransom, which made reading this article rather strange.

    That said, they don’t deserve my name lol, seriously though, people like this are scumbags.

  7. Right because nobody here would sue if because of somebody else’s negligence 1) you had to pay medical bills and repair costs, or 2) after paying your bills, your insurance company jacked up your premiums.

    Everyone hates lawyers until they need one.

    1. i’m gonna take a guess and say their honda doesn’t need $50,000 in repairs, and that judging by the cars and the fact that they’re at a red light, he didn’t hit her hard. nothing wrong with her. take your insurance money and hit the road. also… marital problems? the fuck? niggers… always looking to scam people.

      1. $50K is the jurisdictional limit of the court. Each cause of action has to be seeking at least that much. Otherwise, you’d have to bifurcate the action and bring the personal injury causes of action in one court and the property damage cause of action in a lower court. That would be a waste judicial resources as well as cause unnecessary legal expenses to all parties.

        But hey, fucking scumbags, amirite?

  8. So many inaccuracies in this post and the comments. Here is what is really happening:

    1. Everything about this Complaint is standard for an Auto Accident complaint. Thousands get filed daily in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. It’s not all “money-grubbing” people getting coached by lawyers to “rack up bills.” (See #5). The averments against Giroux were probably cut and paste from a standard form Complaint.

    2. The person is technically suing Giroux, but the dispute is with his insurance carrier. Like in many cases, whoever the carrier is did not reach a settlement agreement with the Plaintiffs or their lawyers, necessitating a lawsuit. In this case, there might be some issue since the car G was driving was given to him as a promotional vehicle and they disclaimed coverage, which is why G had to file his own “declaratory judgment” lawsuit to get coverage. If this was a standard situation where G’s personal insurance covered him, chances are pretty good they could have settled.

    3. Loss of Consortium is included in 99% of all personal injury cases where the injured person is legally married at the time of the accident. Don’t get too excited – the claims are generally worth nearly nothing unless the injured person becomes crippled, loses sexual function, or the injuries last a long time. Again, garden variety stuff here.

    4. Pennsylvania courts require you to state whether your claim is worth more or less than $50,000, which tells the court whether the case is being filed a Jury trial or Arbitration level. The fact that there are six defendants does not mean they are asking for 6x $50,000 (or $1 Million as Kyle suggests). It’s in every single Complaint – and just because they file as a Jury trial doesn’t mean they won’t accept less to settle.

    5. Many many many lawsuits get filed because insurance companies lowball people pre-suit. Sure, there are plenty of greedy people and attorneys out there, but I’ve represented 100’s of people (hey, I’m a lawyer!) who have lost nearly everything due to an accident (jobs, homes, marriages), but still get lowballed by huge insurance companies that try to lowball people pre-suit. That is what the court system is for – to keep insurance companies honest.

    6. To every one of you who have negative things to say about the Plaintiffs based on this very routine Complaint that they filed – I hope you never get hurt in an accident, because I’m sure you will be too proud to make an insurance claim or hire a lawyer to help you, so I feel bad that you will never get any compensation for what you go through. [/sarcasm]

    1. You say this as a lawyer, but pretty much everything you wrote was “this is all standard fare in any accident,” which is inherently ridiculous. It shouldn’t be standard fare if loss of consortium is a bullshit claim. Why put it in there? Setting the requested amount at $50,000 because of court limits is swell, and I know they are never going to get those amounts, but again, you just explained that it’s a BS figure to basically prevent paperwork and a separate case. And “it would have been settled out of court if he was insured” is also pretty bogus, because had he been insured, there’s not much evidence here that insurance wouldn’t have covered what little damage there was to the car and, what I’m just guessing, were very minor injuries. The wording of the complaint certainly makes it sound like on each count they are seeking $50k from each party– again, I know that’s pie in the sky, but it’s worded that way. The insight is great but explaining this all is a routine filing designed for a large settlement kinda proves what a joke this is.

  9. Typical response by a typical lawyer. Not surprised since he makes his living off of this bullshit.

  10. if i had 50k for every sprain/strain i sustained i’d be a fucking rich man. those medical claims are bullshit. i bet the next thing she’s got is fibromyalgia! oh my god! i bet her hubby’ penis doesn’t work because giroux emasculated him.

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