A reader sent us this photo of a fender bender Claude Giroux was involved in on December 10, 2011, the same day that Giroux was kicked in the back of the head by Wayne Simmonds and suffered a concussion. He had a bad day that day.

Now Giroux is being sued by the woman he hit (and her husband!) for damages, injuries, inconveniences and, yeah, marital problems suffered as a result of the crash. In turn, Giroux is suing Frederick Chevrolet because, at the time of the crash, he was driving one of their Camaros as part of a sponsorship deal. Giroux was under the impression from Frederick that he was covered by their insurance, but he wasn’t. The woman, Nicole Ransom (some last name here…), and her husband, Norman, are suing Giroux, Frederick, its insurance company and other Chevy-related entities on three different counts for roughly $1 million… yeah, from that accident.

Count 1: Negligence. Basically, Ransom is claiming that Giroux is a shitty driver who was going too fast, following too closely and failed to take evasive action to avoid the accident. As a result, she “sustained serious and permanent physical injuries, including but not limited to, cervical spine strain and sprain, thoracic spine strain and sprain, lumbar spine strain and sprain, bilateral upper trapezius fibromyositis, and severe damage to her nerves and nervous system.” Those injuries, she alleges, have caused her “mental anguish, physical pain and inconvenience.” And:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 11.58.25 AM

They are seeking $50,000 plus interest and court costs from each of the six parties on that count.

Count 2, my favorite: Loss of consortium. This:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 12.00.03 PM

They are seeking $50,000 plus interest and court costs from each of the six parties on that count.

Count 3: Property damage. The Ransoms “sustained severe property damage to their motor vehicle, towing and storage costs and rental charges.”

They are seeking $50,000 plus interest and court costs from each of the six parties on that count.

Court documents say that a jury trial is demanded.

Meanwhile, Giroux had already filed a lawsuit against Frederick back in February claiming that he attempted to get insurance on the Camaro, but was not approved. He said that he was then assured by Frederick that he was insured under the dealer’s insurance to be driving the vehicle. He wants Frederick to pay all charges relating to Ransom’s lawsuit.

I spoke with the reader who sent us the photo of the accident– he says that it didn’t appear to be that serious and that the woman was standing outside the car and talking cordially with Giroux and what looked to be Jody Shelley, who was following behind (the reader wasn’t sure on the second player, though). [UPDATE: Ready Tommy says he saw the accident as well and it was Brayden Schenn who followed behind G, not Shelley. Also said woman didn’t appear hurt.] He said it looked like Giroux was signing an autograph for Ransom, but that it could have been some sort of paperwork related to the accident. Regardless, he feels that Ransom’s claims seem excessive in this case. Can’t argue there.

I’m willing to bet this gets settled out of court.

You can view both lawsuits after the jump. I’ve redacted Giroux’s address… which was (still) listed as Danny Briere’s.
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