Did Steve Carlton Just Take a Swipe at Nolan Ryan?

I think he did. Well played, you awesome nut.


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  1. im sure it was merely a tongue and cheek comment. granted lefty had more wins with 329, but it was only 5 more wins than nolan’s 324 wins. meanwhile, nolan’s 5,714 Ks blow carlton’s 4136 Ks out of the water. so, if he was serious with the comment, it doesnt hold much merit.

    1. Ryan only won 32 more games than he lost in 616 decisions. (324-292). Lefty won 85 more times than he lost in 573 decisions. (329-244)

  2. that deadspin article/Philly mag story is insane. the dude is a total wack job… has his own water supply and believes AIDS was created in a lab in america to get rid of the blacks and gays – but i dont care he won us a world series.

  3. Sure, Ryan had 1600 more Ks. He also had 1800 more walks than Carlton. Which means he was solely responsible for 200 more baserunners. Also, he’s got one less World Series ring.

    That being said, even though I’m a lifelong Phils fan, Ryan was much more fun to watch.

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