For Some Reason, the Flyers Say They are Keeping Bryz

See, I don’t know how to take this. Howard Eskin has had a terrible 2013 when it comes to original reports. Really, he hasn’t been right about anything. But here he’s giving you the source– tenured Flyers exec Peter Luukko with two U’s and two K’s, got it. There’s a real possibility that Eskin is just taking Luukko’s positive avoidance of the answer and running with it, and there’s also the possibility that Luukko is lying or doesn’t know yet and doesn’t feel like creating more controversey around the goofy goalie. But if the Flyers have already decided to keep Bryz and not amnesty (buy him out)– why? He’s not good. Save for a two-week stretch last March, Bryz has, at no time, played up to his contract. He’s an average goalie being paid wayyyy above average money. It’s gotten to the point where – and perhaps this isn’t entirely his fault – everything he says stirs some sort of controversy and serves as a distraction for the entire organization. What’s worse is that the league’s salary cap next season is going down to $64.3 million. Bryz’s cap hit is $5.6 million, which, after Danny Briere is gone, will be the second-highest on the team behind Old Man Timonen, who, for some unexplainable reason, was signed to a one-year, $6 million extension last year.

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Capgeek (includes Pronger and Briere)

Once Pronger and Briere come off the books (LTIR, trade or amnesty), the Flyers, who currently have the highest cap payroll by a wide margin, will be around $59 million, $5 million under the cap, with plenty of holes to fill. It makes no sense to keep around an average, overpaid goofball who, at this point, is nothing but a distraction.


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  1. Either Luukko flat out lied to the Burger King about keeping Bryzgalov, or the Flyers decided they’d rather go over the salary cap than take a risk with the cheaper but woefully unknown Steve Mason. Like that old saying goes: better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. I’m all for using the amnesty bullet on Bryz, but something tells me the Flyers are willing to endure one more season with that kookaloop.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. I can’t stand Bryz’s retarded antics or sub-par play anymore, but I have a feeling the Flyers will give him one more year. I can’t wait to see him duck out of the way of some pucks and be a total cry baby to the media again. Sigh…

  2. If the Flyers keep Bryz, it will be just another blunder in a series of blunders by this organization. This regime needs to change as they are not getting it done. I have a feeling that there is not as big of an uproar because people don’t understand hockey as they do baseball and football (And even basketball), so 1) it is not as popular in the town (but the fans are extremely die hard) and 2) it is not a sport that most people play growing up.

  3. Just makes no sense at all.

    I understand that it would be a LOT of money for the ownership to have to essentially eat (paying Bryz 2/3 of his bloated salary to do nothing), but if they keep him nothing is going to change AND the team will be up against the cap.

    Amnesty Bryz & go get Jonathan Bernier ASAP.

  4. I just really hope Eskin is wrong again. I don’t really care about the Bryz thing, I just love seeing that douche fail miserably.

  5. Why would Peter Luukko know what the flyers are doing with Bryz? Eskin is a desperate old man.

    1. Why would Luukko know? Oh, I don’t know, he’s only the President of Comcast-Spectacor and the managing executive of the Flyers, who is Paul Holmgren’s direct boss. I’d say he has a pretty good idea.

      1. I think you’re overstating his interest Kyle. I think he’s more likely to ask are we still sold out? How much did we clear this season? Why the fuck does he care about roster moves? Why would old man eskin ask him? Bryz will get the amnesty, based solely on the shitty contract Homer signed him to, It’s just too much money.

        1. I’d say he’s quite interested in the guy they’re paying $51 million. I don’t even think this is a worthwhile discussion.

          1. Calm down Kyle, Bryz will be gone. However if you really think any of these owners are interested in anything but the profit margin of the team they own, you’ve bought into their propoganda. See the post about the Marlins Presidente.

  6. Where is Crossing Broad Memes when you need them?

    “Takes everything Bryzgalov says, runs with the most negative angle possible. Uses own criticisms to justify amenstying Bryz due to ‘distractions’.”

    Wayyyyy above average money. What would average be? Maybe 15th in the league? Because Bryz has a cap hit $1.66 million over that. That’s more, but it’s not wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!one!!ZOMG!!! more.

    I really hope Eskin is right, for once, this year. Though it doesn’t matter- the media hates Bryz and won’t give him peace long enough to be comfortable. So he’ll never succeed to the superstar level they believe he should. They’ll amnesty him next offseason, bring in another goalie who won’t be Jesus fucking Christ, and we’ll see the same thing happen. Over and over and over, it’ll never end, because douchebags like you, Kyle, can’t ever let a goalie succeed here. The fruit hangs way to low to not pick it every chance you get.

    1. There are at least 60 goalies in the league– Bryz has the eighth largest cap hit and third largest overall contract. If you actually think that his play is anywhere near what he gets paid, there’s nothing I can say to change your mind.

      1. I gotta go with Kyle on this one. He has not lived up to his contract at all. That’s not necessarily his fault. That’s Holmgren’s fault for throwing so much money at him. But he’s not worth what he’s being paid, and he’s a freakin weirdo nutjob on top of that. I guarantee half the guys in “the room” can’t stand him. If he were to leave town, I bet info would start to leak out about how some of his teammates didn’t like him, just like what happened in Phoenix.

        1. I wouldn’t say he hasn’t lived up to it at all. He’s played better than the previous decade of Flyers goalies for 75% of the time he’s been here.

          Is the contract too long? Yes. But it’s not ridiculously priced, doesn’t KILL them with the cap. They paid for a legit starting goalie, something they haven’t had in years. Since the All-Star break last year, that’s what they’ve gotten. You can’t just look at numbers, you have to look at his actual play. He was the best Flyer on the ice for almost- if not more- than 50% of the games this year.

          His teammates don’t need to like him, they just need to play.

          Most of the ’93 Phillies hated Schilling. But that didn’t stop them from playing behind him.

          All goalies are weirdo nutjobs. This one just happens to be Russian, so he has a funny accent when he’s being weird, so people get scared of that or something. He’s actually one of the more intelligent athletes I’ve ever heard speak, and he’s doing it in a language that is foreign to him.

      2. Why do you care about overall contract? Why does that matter in the least? Snider doesn’t care how much money he spends, his only limitation is the cap. Why do you care what the overall contract is? The number you need to look at is cap hit. And Bryz has the 9th highest cap hit next year, only $1.66M more than the average starting goaltender’s contract.

        You’re right, there’s nothing you can say to change my mind. Just like there’s no amount of solid play (which you got most of the season from Bryz) that will change yours.

        It’s just going to be fun to hear you piss and moan all next season. And, if the Flyers improve the defense in front of him, it’ll be fun to hear you piss and moan for years to come. It would be the height of hilarity to see Bryz win the Cup as the Flyers goalie. Oh the backtracking you’d see on this site and the rest of the Philly media.

        1. Cap hit and overall contract go hand-in-hand. Your argument is stupid. His ridiculous contract hamstrings them in their ability to get free agents.

          1. How do they go hand-in-hand, exactly?

            He has the third-biggest overall contract, and the ninth-highest cap hit. If the two go hand-in-hand, shouldn’t they both be third, or ninth?

            The ONLY thing that should matter to us is the cap hit. And the cap hit isn’t THAT bad.

            But it hamstrings them in their ability to get free agents, so let’s go back to the days where we pay our goalies $2M total, so we can have any free agent we want. How’d that work out from 1986-2011?

            Seriously, if you’re amnestying Bryz, what are you doing to replace him? Mason? That is a BIG stretch, to think that he’s all of a sudden going to go back to being the Calder-winning rookie he was 5 years ago, and not the god-awful goalie he was every year since.

            Bernier? You’d have to give him a higher cap-hit contract than Bryz to get him away from LA, or trade for him (giving up a Schenn, Couturier, Read or others in exchange) THEN sign him to a contract that isn’t much better than Bryz’.

            Please, tell me your brilliant plan to have solid goaltending, since my argument is so stupid.

      3. Using an amnesty Bryzgalov is probably a good idea. I wouldn’t do it this year, but maybe next year.

        His play doesn’t live up to the money he makes, but it’s also not nearly as bad as Kyle makes it out to be. The problem isn’t Bryzgalov now. It’s Bryzgalov five years from now when he’ll more than likely be worse while still carrying a $5.6M cap hit.

        I’d amnesty Briere this offseason and Bryzgalov next offseason (assuming his play doesn’t improve). In 2014, there’s a better crop of UFA goalies or, even better, maybe Mason or Stolarz will have stepped up by then.

  7. I have absolutely no objection to them paying top dollar for a goalie if he actually lives up to expectations, rather than becoming a distraction with his antics, playing mediocre at best, having below average puck-handling skills, and giving up at least one guaranteed softie every damn game. I don’t know if Mason is the answer, but I’m fairly certain Bryz is not. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame this whole season on him at all. The defense they put out in front of him was garbage. But he hasn’t shown me anything to make me think he can win the Flyers a cup.

    Is Benier under contract or a free agent? If he’s a free agenct, make him an offer. At least he can come here and compete for a starting job with Mason, rather than being relegating to backing up Quick in LA.

    I get where you are coming from, but I think you’re giving Bryz more credit than he deserves. He’s no superstar goalie…not by a long shot.

    1. Bernier is a restricted free agent, and everything I’ve heard is that LA doesn’t want to let him go via offer sheet. So the offer sheet would have to be ridiculous for them not to match. So it’s either A) contract bigger than Bryz’s or B) trade for him (giving up a good haul) and give him a comparable contract. I don’t like either option, especially with the new CBA rules regarding backloading contracts for a lower cap hit.

      I agree Bryz isn’t a superstar… but he’s also not paid to be a superstar. He’s paid to be good, and I think that’s what he’s been 75% of his time here, plus the rest of his career. Obviously it seems like I’m in the minority in that, but I agree with you- he’s not nearly as bad as Kyle, the media and a bunch of fans make him out to be. I think he’s closer to what I said than what they said, so he’s the best option going into next year, in my mind. If it’s still questionable whether to amnesty him or not next offseason, do it then, when there are more options available to replace him (and maybe Stolarz is ready).

  8. Howard Eskin is always wrong. Also, Peter Luuko has to say that since Bryz is currently under contract. It’s not his responsibility.

  9. I suspect that what we’ve seen from Bryzgalov could well be all we’re going to get from him: a good goalie but not a great goalie, and he might not have that extra gear that’ll make him better and help the Flyers go deep into the playoffs, even with a healthy and improved defense. The simple truth is that Bryz is NOT a netminder who can lift a team on his shoulders and carry it to the Cup like Jonathan Quick did with L.A. last season, or is there someone out there other than Kyle who’s deluded enough to actually believe Mike Richards and Jeff Carter were the only heroes for the Kings? Like I said earlier, I have every reason to think the Flyers are going to roll the dice with Bryz next season instead of taking a chance on Mason, in their eyes, that’s the smart move, as for whether or not it’ll work, your guess is as good as mine.

  10. Pens are going to win the cup the next 5 years. They have a leaders and great players. We have a fag captain , a guy with crazy hair n a shell necklace and a superstar amoung the black folk in the NHL. My longest post to date

  11. The Flyers will amnesty Briere this summer and Bryz next summer. The cost of Bryz’s compliance buyout would be $23M this year but only $18M next summer. Keeping Bryz for 2013-14 and amnestying him next summer will cost $26M ($8M salary + $18M buyout next summer), so they would only be saving $3M in money by getting rid of him this year.

    1. The math makes sense and I’m pretty sure you are right and they will keep him another year. But as a fan, I’m just sick of the guy and would prefer they get rid of him sooner rather than later.

  12. Learn how the cap works. First teams do not start the season with 25 players on the roster. The limit is 23 active and injured reserved. Teams are allowed to go over the cap by the amount of possible bonuses that could be paid to players. If the bonuses are met and cause the team to go over the cap, the team is penalized the overage amount next season. Almost half of Brayden Schenn’s cap hit is a bonus that requires him to play in all 82 games and average 25minutes of ice time. If that somehow happens then it means he had a hell of a season and the penalty is worth it. So when Pronger and Briere come off the books the Flyers will have 23 players on the roster and about 8mil in cap space. Buying out Bryz then leaves you with the need for another goalie to go out and play behind the SAME GARBAGE that Bryz played with. What goalie is available that really makes you feel comfortable behind the slop on the Flyers blueline? The Flyers problem isn’t cap space, the problem is roster space. The only players the Flyers can send back to the minors without hitting waivers is Akeson and McGinn. Holmgren MUST make TRADES and use the other amnesty on Coburn to make the TEAM better. Kyle, do something more than the same media you criticize. Don’t just say buyout Bryz, come up with a plan to make the team better.

    1. Also, Timonen was on a PPG pace that would have challenged his career highs if it was an 82 game season. That is why is got 6 million. He might look slow but he doesn’t have to skate fast when he is in the correct position. Correct positioning is why the top defensemen can play 25+ per game. The only issue is Timonen’s size leads to him getting banged up, but if he is injured he can go on LTIR and not count against the cap. And if its a minor injury a banged up Timonen still plays better than 80% on the slop in the Flyers organization.

      1. Yea, I don’t understand the Timonen hate. He was 4th on the team in scoring and 3rd on the team in plus/minus. He had a solid year and was hurt for most of the season.

  13. They can still amnesty him after next year. Might as well give him one more chance and amnesty Danny B this year.

  14. That’s funny because in an interview that they just aired on WIP 20 minutes ago Luukko said “bryz’s future with the flyers is up to bryz”. Not really a ringing endorsement for keeping him. Gotta say I love the fact that eskin keeps making an ass out of himself.

  15. Ya know whose actually underperformed their contrsct through the same time period as Bryz? Roy Halladay. Hes ACTUALLY underperformed his salary, to a degree that far surpasses bryzs imagined level of dissapointment, and meanwhile we shit on a goalie who is more than capable of winning a cup because of his salary and the fact that he has a persinality (ie he must be crazy…and seriously,look at the list of goalies whove won a cup since the 04 lockout. Id tske bryz over 90 percent of them)

    While you all were going on your witch hunt to find irrelevant annd harmless off ice quirks of bryz and twist them into claims against his professionalism, Roy Halladay, our ace and one of our leaders, LIED TO HIS MANAGER, GM, AND MEDIA about an injury which now has him in the DL–and he barley gets a slap on the wrist. Mike Richards and Jeff Carter went on drug and alcohol binges nights before games, the captain and second command, and kyle says bryz is a csncer because he has yoda on jis helmet…Way to go Philly. .

  16. @HAHAHAHA. Dude, Bryz has had some good games as a Flyer, so did Boucher, Leighton and Garth Snow. This guy blows in his career in the playoffs and opposing coaches, esp Bylsma and Torts know his weaknesses. Doesn’t it piss you off the Rangers own the Flyers and the Flyers need to score six to beat Pitt. How about being up 5-4 on Pitt in that exciting game in Jan only for a softy to tie it up. This guy cannot move post-to-post and gives up wayyy too many untimely soft goals. Reading your posts, you would think Bryz two years here have been a positive. Has it not been made clear to you the Flyers are trending down down down?

    1. 1. If you don’t see a difference between Bryz and Boucher, Leighton and Snow, I really shouldn’t go any further. It’s obvious we’ll just continue to disagree. But, since I like debate, let’s move on.

      2. He’s got a career 2.81 GAA and .908 save percentage in the playoffs. He had an incredible stretch through 2 series with Anaheim. Has he been the greatest playoff goalie? No. Does he “blow in his career in the playoffs”? Again, no.

      3. Yeah, it pisses me off the Rangers own the Flyers. That’s not all on Bryz- that’s on Laviolette, who Torts outcoaches every time they meet. Against the Pens, neither team plays defense. At all. Vokoun and MAF look terrible in those games, too. And Vokoun has been one of the most consistent goalies in the NHL for years, and Fleury has a Cup.

      4. Yes, Bryz has his issues. If you think he was still giving up wayyyy too many untimely soft goals, please go back over the season and watch each goal. Seriously, count them. I did all season, and I came up with one every other game or so. Ideal? No, but better than the every-game average he had the first half of his first season here, and the at least every game that you could count on from those Leightons, Bouchers, etc.

      5. 75% of the time, Bryz HAS contributed positively to this team. Top 3 Flyers on the ice this year- go: I’ll give you Voracek, and maybe Giroux. But who else would you put above Bryz? If you’re one of the top 3 players, I’d say it was positive.

      6. The Flyers have been trending down down down for one reason, above all others: the Pronger injury and the inability to replace him. You find a legit number 1 defenseman to replace him and this team would be worlds better than what it is now. And yes, that team would still have Bryz as the goalie.

  17. Howard Eskin said Crosby was gonna be out the entire playoffs, Howard Eskin said Flyers were going after Chris Drury 3 years ago. Howard Eskin jizzed out Spike Eskin. 3 reasons why that man shouldn’t be trusted.

    1. Kyle Scott said the flyers are lying assholes that no one should believe. Hes gone on rants about how holmgren cant be trusted and we shouldn’t believe a word he or any of the flyers brass says….except when it comes to bryz…Anything that can be twist3d into makinh bryz look bad can be treated as scripture around here…Crossing broad = crossing double standards

  18. Careful what you wish for. The Flyers amnestying Bryz would be the final nail in the coffin of this crappy blog with nothing interesting to write about.

  19. IMHO – amnesty Bryz – even if he will only makes 3M. I do not see how management will even consider keeping him. I LOVE his damm interviews and quirky personality – as opposed to the same old scripted and publicly accepted replies from every other athlete.
    Pick up the best available puck moving goalie and another kid who can play in the minors. So far Mason has been awesome… Copy the devils quick moving defense in their own zone with the goalie helping out – as opposed to being stuck in our zone over the past few years.
    There is no way we will let Briere go – even if we miss the playoffs again – every other team will give an arm and a leg to pick him up for the playoffs. Unfortunately Hartnell may be next as Renaldo has become a better version of him – taking less penalties and a great open ice hitter. Hartnell’s constant bone-headed penalties have been a huge liability.
    Use the money and pick up one big name D man and another younger proven candidate.
    Lastly we need one player other then G who can win a face-off.

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