G Cobb’s Car Cam Has Won Today

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 11.45.30 AMMove over, Michael Barkann’s Carcam. There’s a new sheriff on these streets, and safe driving is but a mere suggestion.

Selfie videos are nothing new for Philly media types. These one-directional conversations run the gamut from intentionally goofy (Barkann Carcam) to overly and hilariously serious (Rob Charry’s YouTube series, filmed in Afghan cave, is the greatest thing on all the inter pipes). But we’ve yet to see a combination of car cam and true unintentional hilarity… until today, with this Facebook posting by G Cobb, who was leaving Irving Fryar’s golf tournament and heading to Eagles practice in his expensive ass car with an annoying nav system. Behold, G Cobb fighting with Hal. Shut up, GPS! That lady runs her mouth all the time.

I might have to start doing one of these on my commute to work– I’ll Self Myself™ as I turn the corner from my bedroom into my office.

Watch it after the jump.

via (@dhm), The School Philly


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  1. G-Cobb? It’s Steve Harvey. Family Feud, radio show, standup, and now this.

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