Great Article About Eric Lindros in ESPN The Magazine

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Remember this?

Still the coolest moment of the Winter Classic festivities was when Lindros set up LeClair for a goal. The ESPN article touches on that day, but mostly it’s about Lindros and concussions:

In a twisted way, that knowledge and the caution it fostered in Eric made him something of an outsider. Nowadays, most hockey fans applaud and defend Penguins star Sidney Crosby for having the guts and perspective to sit as long as he needed to fully recover from a concussion. A dozen years ago, when Lindros tried to do that? The reaction was, shall we say, slightly less enlightened. The media snickered about his manhood and mocked him as a head case. Fans threw pacifiers on the ice. And when Lindros and his parents dared to question the Flyers medical staff after the team first sent Eric to a migraine specialist in March 2000 instead of a neurologist who focused on concussions, the old-school Clarke flipped. He isolated Lindros from the team, at one point going weeks without speaking to his injured star. Then he stripped him of his captaincy.

Looking back, that’s one of the moments of his experience that irks Lindros the most and makes him worry about today’s nonmarquee players: The pressure to play, the alienation from teammates and the other mind games used to get players back on the ice — those things worked on him, in large part because he let them. “The athletes are the worst advocates for this crap by not disclosing enough,” he says. “Who wants to admit deficiencies and put that X on your back? Are you gonna take yourself out? Because now it’s who do they have in the minors to replace you? It’s a sh — y business in that regard.”

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  1. Shame that pos Eddie Snider & bobby clarke ruined his career.

  2. Nothing topped the thrill of watching the big E-Train truckin’ down the ice with a full head of steam, hitting anything that got in his way. Too bad it all had such a shitty ending.

    1. You know what I’m a big fan of, Amanda? A woman knowing her place in the world. AKA, off the CB comments section, and in the damn kitchen. Catch my drift? Ba-dum-Bump.
      -Don Venezuela:n Givin bitches Gonnorhea, and hiding my identity for 10+ years

  3. Mr. Scott, thank you for posting this excellent article. This is why i do what i do. Mr. Snider obviously used Mr. Clarke to goad Mr. Lindros into playing with a concussion therefore shortening his career to further his own interests, namely the sale of tickets and merchandise. This is absolutely appalling, inhuman, abuse of an employee for personal gain. At the same time mr Snider was going through his second divorce so therein lies our smoking gun. I was able to obtain a peice of one of the cheap plastic helmets Mr. Snider purchases. I am slowly putting together my investigation of mr. Snider to present to the authorities. I will not rest until he is brought to justice. God bless America.

    1. So you’re telling us that Ed Snider tries to save a few bucks by purchasing inferior equipment for his team, and that’s OK with the players, their agents, and the player’s union? This isn’t the pee-wee league. Players know what equipment they want to use and I find it hard to believe they would use “cheap plastic” helmets. I’d love if you would expand on this.

  4. Murph, i am privy to some emails forwarded to me by AL TRU i think may further you cause. You are a credit to this city sir.

  5. Eric Lindros and his parents should sue Eddie Boy Snider & Bobby Clarke for what they did to the big E.
    They Left him with numerous body & head injuries. Also tried to whack him on a plane.

  6. Good to see the Real Mr. Edward Murphy back. Not that faux one that sucks

  7. They also sent Dan McGillis to jump on his back and injure his knee at the jug handle. When that didn’t work they sent Joey Merlino!!!! fucking jew vampire.

  8. It’s hockey Kyle, nobody cares. I want more Philadelphia Union coverage. And maybe an article or two on pizza and ice cream

  9. Mr. Junkhead, i have in my posession many clues about the chicanery that goes on at Broad and Pattison. Many sir, the blatant level of disregard for humanity shown by the Flyers organization is staggering. I will give you this tidbit and no more. While i am familiar with Mr Scott, Mr. MM and Mr Lenny, i have no idea who you are and who you may be working for. The obvious proof is in the man games lost to injury by this organization under mr. Snider’s leadership. This should be obvious, even, to someone named junkhead.

    1. Mr. Murphy,

      I have no doubt that Mr. Snider and Bob Clarke had little regard for the players’ safety and “encouraged” them to continue playing while concussed, as well as with other injuries, but I find it hard to believe that he would provide cheap plastic helmets for his team and the players would simply use the inferior equipment no questions asked. That was my only point.

      1. Mr Junkhead,
        These are serious allegations i put forth. i assure you i do not make such allegations willy nilly. The scandal at Xfiniity live is even bigger. Further corruption of the youth of Delaware County is involved and even though there are some here who would find humor in that, Like Ms. Candy, it’s no laughing matter.

  10. Heard the big E fucked lavs wife and ate out Clarke’s daughter in front of Peter White

    1. was taht before or after Carts and Richards tagged team Hartnell and Brieres wives

  11. Wow! I remember buying that issue! Talk about a trip down memory lane! And to think that all these years, it turns out Carl and Bonnie were right all along, and so-called icon Bob Clarke wound up being the bad guy, not to mention a total piece of shit, and deservedly too.

  12. i remember the cover of that issue when i was a junior at penn state and the arguments that ensued between us philly fans and shittsburgh fans. we argued over who would win their team more championships…..lindros or kordell stewart! guess, the argument was a tie.

    1. Mr. Flatulance, i assure you that i could not be more aerious. Player safety is nothing to joke about.

  13. I remember Kordell Stewart was the 1st nfl player to come out of the closet & had crazy growths coming out of his neck

  14. Kyle, you fucking asshole, how could you not comment on the line “Fans threw pacifiers on the ice”? That happened his rookie year in his first game in Queebec not because of his concussions, how th fuck does this shit make it into print? Aren’t there editors anymore or half wit bloggers who catch this shit? P.S. go fuck a goat

  15. It was a known fact that Mr.Snider tried to put a hit on Lindros. It’s crazy but true

  16. y are people still surprised that ESPN doesnt get anything right…. they dont care unless ur name is LeFraud. its like the time last year we threw batteries at Brycie-poo (i just made that up like espn) and not JD DREW in 97? dont remeber the year but thats the point. its all pointless banter that gets u through the dull work days….. now onto KYLE can we please get more jealous post of exFlyers getting laid or current ones. thats mmore interesting than this

  17. All u dipshits on this site are all whacked…thats why I enjoy coming back here over and over….I am learning more colorful language each time! 🙂

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