Hate Mail: I Got This Email Today

I got a lot of good responses from the survey yesterday (thank you). Those comments will, as promised, remain anonymous. But (now ex-)reader Josh didn’t bother to fill out the survey and instead sent me an email. I don’t think he likes me, or the fact that I sometimes write in the first-person. I think Josh is being mean to me. This is the email I received from his Hotmail account:

I want my $1.99 back.  I love all things Philly Sports.  I was unfamiliar with Crossing Broad when it appeared as an app ‘other people also downloaded’ when I downloaded CSN Philly.  I am not sure which is worse about your blog and your writing; the fact that you never have any new insight into any situation and you simply steal information from real journalists and pass it off as your own, or your infatuation with your over inflated self image that you believe you have for this rise to mediocrity within Philly Sports blogs.  Oh lets not forget a third one; that half the crap you attempt to pass off as journalism has absolutely nothing to do with Philly Sports.

You’re like that kid in high school that walks down the hallways thinking he’s the shit oblivious to the fact that everyone else is laughing at him behind his back as soon as he passes them.  You are so transparent and judging by the comments I have read, I am not the only one who feels this way. Let’s see…..an article that is titled “I really need a haircut.”  Yea we get it, you did an interview with Rhea Hughes and you wanted everyone to know how special you are. Or the story about the Philadelphia Parking Authority.  Could you be anymore transparent?  Wow Kyle was interviewed on television….tell us more Kyle.  If that is the only time you have had an issue with PPA, then you have no right to speak about them. If that wasn’t your only negative experience about PPA, then why did you choose that story?  Hmm….lets see.  You chose it so you could tell everyone you were on tv. Do you think people don’t see right through that? Plus the story you told wasn’t even PPA’s fault.  It was Fox who told you to park there and they should have been responsible.  But again, that really wasn’t what the story was about was it.  It was an opportunity for you to slip in story reminding all of us ‘that one time for 5 minutes a long time ago…..you were on tv.”  Congrats.  Or lets see, just last week when the Phillies announced their memorial day uniforms you had to be sure to model it for us and then tell us that you would receive a small commission if we clicked the link to buy shirts.  Why don’t you just put the link?  You really need to tell people you get a commission for it?  I know people who act like that, they are in the early twenties, or perhaps teenagers who don’t realize just how transparent they are being.  How old are you?  Are you really that immature? Theres no way you are in your early twenties.

When you aren’t trying to remind us that you are the writer and editor of a mildly successfulPhiladelphia sports blog, you are writing about things that have nothing to do with Philadelphiasports.  Yea Ryan Lochte is a douce, we all know.  We don’t need you to tell us and YOUR NOT FUNNY.  Nobody is laughing at your stupid jokes.  Cliff Lee pissing excellence and can you see his curve ‘balls’……that’s hilarious man.  Most journalists have someone that they try to emulate when they first start off.  I don’t know who you are trying to emulate, if anyone but it’s not working.  Your writing can’t be taken serious and yet its not funny either.  You should stop with the low brow jokes and inuendos and give us some actual news or actual insight.  Everything I find on your blog is stolen from some other website like [redacted shitty website that I don’t read] or deadspin.  You then write a few sarcastic sentences and pass it off as your own.  That’s not journalism.

So before you are about to say well “I should stop reading your blog if I hate it so much”…….don’t worry, I have just deleted the app from my phone.  I had the app for about 3 months and every once in awhile there is an article that is actually well written and provides some well thought out insight to something in Phildelphia sports.  The article about the arena lighting for the Sixers.  That was actually insightful.  If you didn’t steal it from someone else then you should give yourself a pat on the back.  You are like the crazy girlfriend who you want to break up with and every time you are about to do it they give just you just enough sanity to make you say….”well I’ll give it just a few more days and see what happens.”  Well I am done giving it anymore days.  Your writing is getting worse and worse.  That was a waste of $1.99.

I just wanted to share that. I am so very transparent sometimes. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the vicious contradiction Josh pulled off in graf three: You should try to be like other people. You shouldn’t use things written by other people.

I wonder if that includes emails?

More transparency: Don’t download that Android app we released last year. It sucks. New IOS and Android apps are coming this year, and they won’t suck.


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    1. A more obvious poster who has never gotten laid, I have never seen

  1. well in the time the person spent writing that email they could of earned $4 dollars flipping burgers at McDonalds.

    Funny how Yinzers hate this site and yet keep coming back. Fuckin idiots…keep touching the electric fence you donkeys.

  2. I am sure that well written article he was referring to was written by Ryan Gillon.

  3. Can someone point out the parts where he’s wrong? I can’t find any.

  4. Truth is, sarcasm aside, that e-mail pretty much nailed it. Ryan Lochte may be a douche, but he seems like the kind of douche Kyle desperately wants to be.

  5. to the best of my knowledge you’ve never claimed to be a journalist in the purest sense of the word. Shit in a jar with 200 pennies in it and send it to the poor guy. That should satisfy his urge for you to be more creative and original.

  6. I always think its a good idea to purchase an app when I don’t even know what the app is or entails.

    This is a blog, right? Or did I miss where the site was renamed crossingbroadphillysportsnewsonly.com? Does he also send hate mail to WIP for having Bill Wine do the movie reviews, since, ya know, that’s not Philly sports?

  7. Nailed it.

    Plus, you gotta love how Kyle’s desperate need for attention/crippling insecurity drove him to post this instead of just dealing with a private criticism in a private email in a private manner.

    Crossing Broad: Philly’s most irrelevant sports blog. TM

  8. Great email….best article I have EVER read on this site. POP N YINS!!!!!

  9. What a dumbass! He paid $1.99 for the app!

    I won’t even use 3G coverage to read this page.

  10. hilarious….some guy (probably the poster) went through all the trouble to make fake accounts with fake comments. Kyle, this guy is insanely infatuated with you and talks to you like he’s breaking up with you. You must be hung like a champ Kyle.

  11. Really Jay????? I always see complaints on this site….Maybe your Kyle making a fake account….Mind…..BLOWN………

    PS…I get tweets to my phone then see it posted on here like 10 mins later…blog is useless.

  12. Holy shit there is a crossing broad app? Thanks Josh! I’m downloading that shit right now…

  13. The ONLY complaint I have about that email is that he said “Your not funny.” He should have said “You’re not funny,” because you are not funny, and you have some kind of creepy fetish for Jeff Carter too.

  14. It’s amazing, and hilarious how all the posters who hate on Kyle keep on coming back here, day after day after day. I guess the guy must be doing SOMETHING right, eh? It’s too funny for words.

    1. Wow, that last poster was DEFINITELY KYLE!

      guess he can’t handle the fact that his “blog” has gone from up and coming to 90% shit with 90% of readers hating him

  15. Anyone else find it funny/comical/sad that these people are actually taking the time to voice their displeasure? If you don’t like this crap… THEN DON’T READ IT!!! And don’t waste our time by telling us that you hate it.

  16. “…keep touching the electric fence you donkeys.”

    I can’t stop laughing at that. Kyle, F the haters.

  17. I like this blog. It makes fun of assholes! I like making fun of assholes! Can you take pictures of Spider-man, Kyle? If so, you’re hired. Get out of my office.

  18. Some criticisms of this blog I’ve never understood:

    1. People who complain about CB branching out into non-Philly or non-sports territory. It’s HIS blog, he can write anything he wants on it, and we can choose whether or not we want to read it. There are PLENTY of other places a reader can look for “Philly sports only” content.

    2. People who question Kyle’s journalistic credibility. Please cite ONE POST on this blog in which he claims to be a journalist. He’s a BLOGGER. He doesn’t claim to be anything else. Not once have I seen a story on CB in which Kyle takes information from another source and claim it as his own.

    3. People who bitch about “self-serving” ads and promos. Business 101: ad revenues propel the site. Not too much context necessary to add here; it’s that cut-and-dry. It’s also no different than most other sites/blogs out there.

    4. People who criticize Kyle’s sense of humor (or lack thereof, depending on your perception). Seeing as this is HIS blog, he can write anything he wants. There are thousands upon thousands of people who maintain a blog of their own, and fill it with content that appeals to them, in the hopes that some of their friends/acquaintances/fans might also find it interesting. Most of them just aren’t as widely known as CB is. If you don’t like the dick jokes, Ryan Lochte douche posts, fucking Yinzer posts, etc., SKIP THEM. It’s no different than your buddy’s Facebook page; if your friend posts a status update that doesn’t interest you in the least, do you fire off an angry missive about how moronic you think it is, or do you just simply ignore it?

    There are many CB posts that don’t spark my interest, but many more that do, which is why I keep coming back. I view it as a blog written by a Philly sports fan, with some other viewpoints/interests outside the Philly sports world that he also likes to share with his audience. What exactly is wrong with that?

    1. “if your friend posts a status update that doesn’t interest you in the least, do you fire off an angry missive about how moronic you think it is, or do you just simply ignore it?”

      I Fire back……….

  19. Really Kyle, that fucking Eulogy you wrote for the Pens last year was fucking terrible.

  20. that email was 100% spot on….and credit to kyles gf/fiance/ms cb?? for backing him up a few posts up. nice work.

  21. Love all the losers who post the same complain day in and day out about CB. If you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to come here. Besides, coming here you’re just paying Kyle to write more posts you complain about. Get a life you toolbags.

  22. The blog is top notch. What other place can you go to have someone give you news on your teams without being entirely proper? CB makes my workday a bit more enjoyable. Keep em rolling Kyle. Seems the entire world is completely negative. Pretty hilarious that these people give you the page hits and get you paid in order to take digs at you. Seems the transparent blogger wins.

  23. Irony: All the people jumping on here to tell Kyle that they hate him and his work, and then coming back to see what terrible things the other people are saying about him all MAKE HIM MORE MONEY. Keep coming back you morons! It makes him more successful! This blog is obviously for entertainment purposes.

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