If You Can Believe This, Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Get Along with His Parents

BryantRough go of it lately for Kobe Bryant– he tore his Achilles last month, has been forced to send a cease and desist to his mom, and he hasn’t raped anybody in at least a few years.

Kobe’s lawyer has sent a cease and desist to to Goldin Auctions, who has scheduled an auction for June that includes some of Kobe’s Lower Merion jerseys, a Lakers jersey, two championship rings… and, for some strange reason, a Teen Choice Awards surfboard. The items were submitted to the auction house by Kobe’s mom, Pamela, who claims that her son didn’t want them and that she is the rightful owner.

Pamela is using the expected $1.5 million haul from the auction to buy a house in Las Vegas.

From the Inquirer:

Seven or eight years ago, well after Kobe had gotten married, Pamela Bryant asked her son’s wife, Vanessa, if she wanted the items. She said no – those items belonged to the past, according to the suit.

And so, five years ago, the lawsuit says, Pamela Bryant packed up the jerseys, the championship rings, and award plaques, spending $1,500 a month to store and insure them in West Berlin.

“Pamela Bryant indicated to Ken Goldin that Kobe Bryant has never demanded the return of any of the items, nor were they in any way taken from [him] without his permission,” the suit says.

Two glaring questions here: In what convoluted family dynamic do you have to issue a cease and desist involving your mother? I mean, every few years, my Mom threatens to get rid of my baseball cards and some old jerseys and stuff, but a phone call and reminder about the time she broke my smiley face ring when I was little usually puts a stop to that. And, why DOESN’T KOBE JUST BUY HIS MOM THE HOUSE? He’s worth $200 million— surely he could purchase his (estranged?) parents a house to keep them happy. At the very least, Pamela has to have something on Kobe to extort him into buying her a plush mansion near the strip, right? That’s the proper thing to do. Don’t sell his childhood memories… just blackmail him. Simple. You’ll save on lawyer fees.

How much you want to bet Adam Aron tries to buy a few Lower Merion jerseys to hang at the Well because history!


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  1. Doesn’t Kobe’s feud with his parents date back to when they disapproved of his marriage because his wife wasn’t African-American?

    1. It wasnt because of race,it was because he met her when she was in high school and took her parents out of debt. She was an “aspiring makeup artist” who hit the jackpot.

  2. Who keeps jerseys from High School? Aren’t you supposed to return those things?

  3. Kobe should have a talk with Eric Lindros on how to honor thy mother & father

  4. Kobe is a spoiled little brat from Ardmore, PA. Area code 19003-3339 if I’m not mistaken.

  5. When you get right down to it, I suspect the ONLY person Kobe truly loves is himself. The rest of the world, including family comes in a distant second.

  6. Who the fuck would sell their championship rings? Jersey’s, “teen choice awards”, fuckin shoes…whatever…rings though? That’s some crackhead shit.

  7. this is nuts. if i was kobe i would have a trophy room in my crib hangin all this shit up.

  8. This action towards Pamela Bryant shows what kind of person Kobe is. He is ugly inside and out. Just retire, shut your mouth and go away.

  9. Kobe Bryant has no idea how he is viewed to a lot of people, arrogant, self-obsorbed,colorstruck, etc. which means instead of a lot fans there is a lot
    of people don’t like him, then to go and add salt to his already screwed up ego
    he goes and disses his mother like that , GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY!!!!

  10. Kobe didn’t sue or issue a cease and desist order against his mother. He issued the cease and desist against the auction house that was selling the items. Once Kobe’s mother made the deal with them, it was out of her hands to stop it. As a matter of fact, the auction house sued Kobe.

  11. Kobe quoted the Bible, about marriage, and family. He should have thought about Bible quotes when he was in the hotel room, in Colorado. Kobe never fofget the hands that fed you. On that note, as a mother, I would accept whomever my child chooses to marry, whether or not liked them. Because I would rather embrace their chioce then lose my child totally. And I will never ever turn my back on any of my children ‘s offspring. Ilove being a Black mother, annd being a grandmother even more. I gonna pray for a reconciliation between Kobe, and his family.

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