Is This Dude a Good Enough Rapper to Have Turned Down a Scholarship to Play Football at Michigan State?


It was not a rival program that drew Harris, but instead a different career path. The 5-foot-11, 162-pound [Downingtown] senior said he wants to make it as a rapper.

John Lewandowski, Michigan State’s associate athletic director/communications, said “it was a mutual decision.”

He is ranked by ESPN as the state’s 17th ranked senior and second-best wideout. Harris scored 13 touchdowns last season on 54 catches for 792 yards.

“I’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple of years now,” said Harris, who perfoms under the name Jay DatBull.

His first single “DatBull 4 Life,” was uploaded to YouTube in late April and has surpassed 50,000 views.

Harris said he made his decision to forego football about a week before the video debuted. He knew people would watch it, Harris said, but not that many in such a short time.

A mixtape is slated for a June 1 release and Harris said he plans to work with a professional producer this summer.

Newsflash, Holmes– 50,000 views in three weeks, which is what CB gets in about a day, isn’t putting you on the cusp of stardom. You know what puts you on the cusp of stardom? 455 million views. Carly Rae Jepsen views. But why bother with the exposure of playing football on national TV, which builds you an audience, and followers, and gives you a name, and a brand, and maybe even puts you in the NFL, to make a name for yourself? Totally a good decision to skip school and potential fame to take a swing at becoming a rap mogul on your own with a low-res, age-restricted YouTube video, a mixtape and the promise of working with a professional producer. You’re well on your way.

There, now you can make a song about your haters. You’re welcome.

H/T to reader Ben

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28 Responses

    1. is now reporting that it was not a career choice of his but rather he was stripped of his scholarship after MSU officials learned his music contained explicit lyrics about drugs, homosexuals, and violence. with a paltry size of 5’11” and 160 lbs, i couldnt see this guy being a major impact player anyway. so, its onward to that career passion of spittin’ fire on corners.

  1. i never would of thought “LeSean McCoy is not the idiot of the day” after reading that earlier story.

  2. turns down a scholarship to play football for a notable program all the while receiving a free education in lieu of the much more lucrative opportunity of spittin’ lyrics! SMH!

  3. I’m pissed that one douchebag is wearing my alma mater’s t-shirt. I thought I was the only one since Vance Worley left that reps Long Beach State in Philly…

  4. I’m going to guess this kid wouldn’t have stayed academically eligible in college.

  5. The kid didn’t really turn down the scholarship. He had a 1.7 GPA in high school and needed like a 1.8 from what I hear to go to MSU. But he decided to say F it and pursue rapping.

  6. 5-11, 162 pounds? Pfft! Most kickers are bigger than him. Besides, maybe the kid just didn’t have it in him to play football and making music was his true calling. Who the hell are we to criticize someone else’s ambition? If the kid wants to be a rapper, then, more power to him.

  7. Y’all just hatin’!!! If I know one thing about rap music, it’s that the public loves an MC with a multi-racial female-less suburban crew, in his own coultesac, just down the way from his own mutha f**kin’ tree house as he spits HOT FIRE in his own, brand to the new, Hollister button down. Jay Datbull makin hot stacks like IHOP. Ya heard!?

  8. Kyle, I think you should adopt a section of your blog for fan input. beyond the sports section. like a place for fans to post and discuss ideas and topics. of course making the posts admin approved so candy can’t troll. but you know what I mean? like a place to discuss the new GM, Charlie Manuel’s replacement, etc. just a thought, from an avid reader

    1. That’s pretty much Kyle’s MO; thus, the reason he gets about 2,000 page views per day (the other 48,000 are the same racists checking and re-checking to see if anyone’s responded to their racist posts).

      I love it when a pampered pale face uses the word “Holmes” to describe a young black kid. Makes me want to punch the nearest old white guy.

    1. What are you Ignorant? You’re hidin like a coward and I don’t allow it, you get devoured. Cause you can’t cope, cause I’m dope and you don’t have a prescription, so just walk like an Egyptian.

  9. forget for a moment that this kid would rather do this than play football. here’s a quote from the article: “An album is slated for a June 1 release, and Harris said he plans to work with professional producer M. Stacks this summer.

    M. Stacks has worked with popular rappers Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.”

    the way i see it, M. Stacks has a better chance at giving this kid a professional career (in something he wants to do, remember) than the head coach at msu that i can’t even name. and i don’t know much about the rap game, but i do know that drake was an actor on a canadian kids show, then he hooked up with famous rap guys (just like this kid) and now he’s a gazillionaire. so, i think that not only is he doing what makes him happy, it also has a much better chance of making him rich and famous as well. so good for him, i wish him luck.

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