You get your toilet cones out of here and I won’t jump over this counter and punch you in the brain: []

The Houston Astros are winning, the hot dogs are selling, and all is right with the world at Minute Maid Park. But not inside a men’s restroom.

Cell phone video shows a ball park snow cone vendor sitting on a toilet in a stall with an entire box full of the products he’s about to sell. They sit on the bathroom floor right next to him.

The person who recorded the video and gave it to Local 2 said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This guy is taking a dump. There’s no doubt about it. What sane person could possibly think, yeah this is a good idea. I’ll just put the food that I’m about to sell on the floor.”

I’m not even sure it matters. Have you ever tried to eat one of those things? This guy could have shit directly onto the sno-cones and you still wouldn’t have been able to pick it out of the icy mass with that shitty spoon they give you. You’d just get a mouthful of sugar and food coloring and then be disappointed and cry about it because JOEY GOT THE SCREWBALL* AND JESSIE GOT THE CHACO TACO AND MY SNO-CONE SUCKS!

*Screwball is far and away the best ice cream truck treat. Don’t even think about arguing that fact.