Just a Woman Walking Topless Through Center City

[Video mostly suitable for work]

This is really going to open the age-old debate as to whether pasties denote toplessness. I say yes— any boob with fully visible undercarriage, circumference, and bare depth on the X, Y and Z axis is a naked breastie to me. Others, like magazine editors and fashion models, may disagree. But as is the case with most things in the world, Google will ultimately settle this debate and establish an important precedent if they remove this video for violating YouTube’s TOS. I’m thinking it stays, and, yeah, I know that’s totally in conflict with my stance. Don’t judge me though, males are very conflicted in situations like this. An epic civil war takes place between the eyes, brain and penis:


BrainNot topless!


BrainNot topless!


BrainNot topless!

Penis: You had me a “woman walking.”

Meanwhile, love the brotha at the end of the video. Oh hell yeah I’m gonna take a picture with this topless broad outside the Five Guys. Dude’s Instagram just stepped up its game big-time.

via (@AnswerDave)

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13 Responses

  1. Really, Kyle? You love “the brotha” at the end? Gee, how’d you get to be so down?

    Lines like that make me want to punch the nearest white guy.

  2. That girl makes suzie look female. I guess another occupy Philly meeting

  3. Must be heading to the gold club

  4. Functional, not sexy. if they were a nice rack, then someone would have called the police.

  5. This is ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR!!! I’m going to start looking over a lot more womens’ shoulders if this trend continutes. Fantastic work, Kyle!!!

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