Nats Announcer Thinks Nats Fans Need More Natitude

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Or, perhaps, a change in latitude, to change their attitude. Natitude.

I sit here smiling like a fruity Cheshire Cat, because on the radio today, Nats announcer Bob Carpenter ripped the now two dozen or so Nats fans for having no clue about anything having to do with baseball. As transcribed by the DC Sports Bog:

“Well, I think there are times when we’re sitting up in the booth saying, ‘Everybody get up, get up,’ most notably during the Strasburg game on Sunday,” the team’s play-by-play voice said Tuesday morning on 106.7 The Fan. (Audio here.) “In the seventh inning he struck out the first two guys, and then when Laynce Nix came up to bat, everybody was just sitting on their hands. With one strike a few people started clapping; two strikes some more people started clapping. And maybe by the time that at-bat ended a couple hundred people were standing. There should have been 30,000 people standing.”

“And that’s what I’d like to see more of, is our fans be a little more aware of certain situations and the fact that Hey, this is our guy, he’s on the mound, he’s about to go seven, he’s about to go eight for the second time,” Carpenter said. “Those are special moments, and I would like to see a little more response. And we have some fans who are still learning this game. I mean, this franchise is in its ninth year, and we still have a lot of new people coming to the ballpark who haven’t been there that much before. So I’m sure the hard-core fans who have been with the Nats since ’05, they’re the ones on their feet and they understand certain situations.”

A contrarian would argue that Laynce Nix and his extra Y, which apparently slows his bat speed, striking out to a rev’d up Stephen Strasburg in the seventh inning on Sunday was as predictable as those gratuitous roller blading shots of Des last night on The Bachelorette— you just knew it was coming… and you knew knees would be knocking. But still, always nice to get a Natitude update. Cue the folks in D.C. who comment meanball on this site between lobbyist meetings!

Also via the D.C. Sports Bog: Bryce Harper promoting underwear for Under Armour. I say there’s about a 94.267% chance his junk was Photoshopped here:

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Pic via (@CraigCalcaterra)

Nice dick, bro.


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  1. I can attest to this as I was there several weeks ago for a game against the Cubs. The fans have no clue when to cheer (even when prompted on the video boards) or what’s going on in the game. No energy in the park for what everyone thought was a team that was the most complete team in the MLB. Simply put, Washington is not a baseball city.

    1. There are plenty of diehard baseball fans in DC, the problem is that 50% of them are Orioles fans. 25% are actually Nats fans. About 15% are Mets/Yankees fans because they are transplants from New York City. 10% of the diehard fans are transplants from other cities.

      The team has only been in DC a few years, it takes a while to build a fanbase. The team also sucked for the longest time. The organization’s job is to try to get people to come to the game anyway they can. Remember “Goosebumps” and “Red Means Go”?

      Washington is a Redskins town. And then there are all other teams. The Caps are still very trendy there. Despite their success, the Nats still trail the Caps. The Wizards actually have a better fan base than the Sixers though.

  2. Sounds like your average ILL shirt flat brimmed hat wearing phillies fan, actually.

  3. I was at the game on Saturday night (awesome). Their fans are way too weak and new to be as accessible as they are to Phils fans. The stadium seemed a legitimate 50/50 split in fans. I feel bad for their fans.. they fill half a stadium and actually adopted and approved of the term “natitude.” I feel bad for us since we almost never get to see 2 out of 3 games go in the Phils favor…

  4. Just to be clear, in the same post, Kyle admitted to watching the Bachelor and commenting on another man’s penis.

  5. I guess that perhaps gNats fans aren’t fully sold on their squad. That’s just my guess.

  6. Mmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm! Do you see that body on that guy in the pic up there? I would lick his natitude!

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