Nick Young Raped Someone, Allegedly

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 8.08.40 AMMust have been lawsuit day yesterday.

Just hours after it was reported that LeSean McCoy was being sued for assault, TMZ reported that Nick Young is being sued for a 2011 alleged rape. He was with the Wizards at the time. Once again, from TMZ:

A woman is suing Philadelphia 76ers star Nick Young for sexual assault — claiming he roofied her back in 2011 … then raped her vaginally and anally.

The woman filed the lawsuit anonymously under the name Jane Doe, claiming she ran into Young at Crown Bar in West Hollywood … and he bought her and her friend champagne.

According to the suit, the woman’s recollection of the evening ceased shortly after she downed the drink … and she believes it’s because Young had slipped the date rape drug gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) into it.

The woman claims she woke up the next morning in Young’s bed, bleeding from her vagina and rectum.

She says Young admitted to having sex with her the night before, but claimed he stopped because she passed out.

According to the suit, the woman demanded to be taken home by Young — he obliged — and she beelined for the UCLA Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center, where she took a rape kit and was tested for STDs. She claims a test at the center confirmed she had been drugged, and determined the injuries to her vagina and rectum were consistent with rape.

I’ve been telling you all year– always question the character of a guy who refers to himself as Swaggy. No good ever comes of that. That’s exactly the sort of person who would drop something in your drink and then tell you he rolled over and went to sleep next to your naked carcass. But here’s the thing: With the McCoy allegations, a few people mentioned that it’s more than a bit odd that no criminal charges were filed. Instead, a lawsuit. Same deal here. These alleged actions are way worse, yet Jane Doe, who claims she was all but told by the UCLA rape center that she had been raped, never went to police. There are no criminal charges that we know of and no indication that police were ever contacted. Not calling Jane Doe a liar, but the pseudonym and the fact that she is seeking “undisclosed damages” – which essentially says, hey there, you big, sexy settlement! – two years after the fact should raise an eyebrow or perhaps two. But still, there was a whole lot of shady (small s) going on here, and claiming that you “stopped because she passed out” doesn’t exactly make you a hero. And, Nick… the ain’t Swaggy if it’s loaded GHB.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 7.53.39 AM

Crown Bar is, apparently, a hangout for celebs (whowouldveguessed?) and other douchest socialites. And Justin Timberlake. JT hangs out there. <3

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15 Responses

  1. I guess the black guy from the Flyers will be on a post this afternoon

  2. @wayne Simmonds- you’re up bud for the trifecta!
    Lets get it done this Preakness weekend

  3. Why hasn’t she gone to the police? If he did what she claims he needs to spend a long time in prison. It is suspicious to me that she is suing for millions of dollars.

    1. Conor –

      You have the worst name every created on this earth. Please, for the sake of all other visitors of this site – refrain from ever commenting or giving your opinion again.

      Your name is shitty, and just as shitty as your opinion. Not only did you state the obvious in your post, but you did it in such an elementary way I’m embarrassed for your ancestors as well as your future children.

      Please never come here again.

  4. I know its far too complicated for this simple blogger to comprehend, but a lot of rape victims have trouble going to the police.

    1. but she has no problem going to a courthouse to sue? from my knowledge judges & police work hand and hand, you rather take him for his money than to see justice, c’mon on now.

  5. Yes it’s true that many rape victims have difficulty going to the police for a variety of reasons (embarrassment, guilt, fear, etc,), but I think the point of the story is that she was able to file a lawsuit without too much trouble and apparently she still has not filed criminal charges. If you have the emotional strength to file a lawsuit, where your own personal life will certainly be placed under a microscope, then why wouldn’t you have the strength to file criminal charges as well?

    1. Oh, you are friends with her? You know how easy it was for her to file this lawsuit?

  6. Not filing criminal charges (yet) is the leverage that a good attorney would advise to bump up the settlement figures. If he’s in jail he can’t pay the large settlement to keep his no game havin’ ass out of jail. This has nothing to do with emotional strength you GED wielding basement boys.


  8. Wow, a big lipped, mooching, ashy chimp raped someone? In other news, roses are red, the sky is blue, and the Jews are out to get you.

  9. “The woman claims she woke up the next morning in Young’s bed, bleeding from her vagina and rectum.”

    I think it was the pâté.

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