Report: Phillies Interested in Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo_stantonThis is the rumor that just won’t die. But maybe there’s something to it after all. Jim Salisbury, sponsored by Jake’s Wayback Burgers for CSN Philly:

According to a major-league executive with knowledge of the situation, the Phillies over the last several months have made “multiple” inquiries to the Marlins about Stanton’s availability in a trade. The Phils, like every other team salivating over the 23-year-old slugger, have been told he’s not available.

The feeling around baseball is that Stanton could become available at some point and the Phils have let it be known they want to speak with the Marlins when and if they decide to move the young, power-hitting rightfielder.

It’s inevitable that the Marlins are eventually going to trade Giancarlo, who is arbitration eligible beginning next year (read: big money). The Phillies, and Ruben Amaro, have come up in rumors since the day the Marlins traded their entire roster sans Giancarlo to the Blue Jays in the winter. But besides the long-shotedness of all this, there is one major hurdle: No, not that the Marlins wouldn’t trade him to a team within their division (because they’re that stupid and cheap). A move like this would call for the stones of Amaro… but what if he’s no longer employed by the Phillies when the Marlins decide to get foolish? A brain teaser for you.

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Salisbury lists basically the entire Phillies underachieving roster as trade candidates for Giancarlo (I misinterpreted this initially) if the Phillies were to sell. Read the reasons here. Grab a bite to eat, too.


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  1. apparently someone called WIP this morning and said the Phillies should offer Halladay and either Ruf or Mayberry for Stanton and Jose Fernandez. That person should be drug into the street and beaten in public for even thinking that would be accepted in any world.

      1. It’s crazy because there’s no way in hell the Marlins would ever, in a million years, ever even entertain that offer. If RAJ called with that offer, word would spread around major league baseball, he’d be ostracized and never be able to do a deal again.

        1. apparently, you have no recollection of how the Marlins always trade away their best players for expiring contracts and cheap no names.

          1. Apparently you don’t know history. They trade for expiring contracts the one out of every seven years they try to be a World Series contender. This is not that year. Why would they pay Roy Halladay $10M to pitch for a losing team?

            The only name in there they would take, since he gets paid so little, is Ruf. But they would also insist on a big-time pitching prospect (Biddle) AND other pieces.

            Why would a team give up it’s best hitter who is under team control for another 3 (4?) years for a hitter whose best-case upside is “maybe, might be” kinda close to what Stanton is AND one of the best young pitching prospects for an aging, overpaid (for current production) starter? They wouldn’t even entertain it.

            I can’t believe I just spent so much time explaining how ridiculous that is.

  2. Kyle, I don’t want to kill you for posting a Phillies story, but every phillies fan on here knows this story is a loose, watery, stinky pile of dog shit. You’re going to tell educated fans that the phillies have interest in this dude? #1- No shit, along with every other team. #2-But we don’t have fucking shit to give them, nothing, nada. they don’t want salary, they don’t want old, beat up overpaid scrubs, and we basicilly got high school talent in our system. So count us out of even being pretend players for this beer can for a dick stud

    1. Morgan and Biddle (especially the latter) are not “high school talent”.

      Way to show that baseball acumen!

  3. They would have to give up Biddle, Roman Quinn (19 year old SS), Valle or Joseph, and Ruf (who would play 1B now in Miami). They’d probably also want another arm like Adam Morgan & the Phillies would get another bullpen guy from Miami.

    That could do it, unless Texas offered Profar (which they might).

  4. I have heard at least 3 national baseball reporters laugh on our local sports stations when asked about the phillies going after stanton. We’ve lost it. For a very short time, we were a force and a power, and I think some (me included) thought it would last longer than this. But, the impression I got from at least the national people I heard recently, the Marlins wouldn’t have any time in listening to the Phillies when compared to what other teams have to offer

  5. Pipe dream but a great one…

    Just don’t trade Utley. They were kicking around that idea this morning…if they trade Chase Utley, I’ll fucking hate this team forever.

  6. If given a choice between sending a bunch of untested kids to Miami for Stanton, or keep said kids for the inevitable rebuilding phase, give me Stanton. We all know Stanton is a beast who isn’t even in his prime yet and will be a superstar for years to come, what we don’t know is if any of these kids will succeed with the parent club. We’ve already been fooled by false wunderkinds (see Brown, Domonic; Happ, J.A.), so I’d rather go with the known quantity, and that’s Stanton.

    1. Young talent for young talent.
      Marlins would have there next Juan Pierre & phils would have there next Darren Dutch Daulton

  7. This team needs to get and retain prospects (ciao Chase). RAJ would be rearranging deck chairs on the titanic by giving away minor league talent for an ‘ass in CBP seats’ big bat. #pass

  8. Face it, with the Phillies up for a new TV deal in 2015 and attendance @ CBP sagging a bit, they will want something to get eyes back on the TV & butts back in the seats.

    Stanton would do exactly that.

    And he would help this team remain in contention as the current core ages/phases out.

    Where there is smoke, there is fire, as the saying goes. After missing out on Justin Upton, Amaro & the Phillies are going to pull out all the stops to get their man.

    Look for Ruf, one of the minor league catchers (probably Valle) and a pitching prospect or two to get dealt. Frankly, it would be a win-win.

    1. If any of the kids in the minors were to go in a trade, either for Stanton (hopefully) or anyone else, Ruf would definitely be at the top of the list since it was proven during spring training that he can’t play the outfield worth a damn and will be blocked at first base by Ryan Howard and his obese contract for the next half decade. At catcher, I’d rather keep Tommy Joseph than Valle, as for pitchers, I’m fine with losing Biddle or Morgan. I couldn’t agree more that Stanton would rekindle excitement in the Phils, so it’s worth a shot.

  9. give ’em Brown too. Why not? He’s still worth something. Sign Morse in the offseason to play LF. Revere may suck now but I don’t think he’ll be THIS bad forever and he can man a good CF defensively. Re-sign Utley, maybe sign McCann. See if Young will come back for another year at 3rd. Bolster starting pitching staff and that’s a competitive team.

  10. Ryan Howard has the biggest nose in MLB history!! And that’s a fact

  11. Dom Brown is raking right now and playing great defense and you fucking idiots want to deal him?

  12. Makes no sense to trade a corner outfield prospect, what’s the point if you still have another hole to fill?

  13. Phils have ZERO shot at this. Amaro could package the entire farm (EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM), combined, straight up for Stanton, and the Fish would laugh. The fact is that if Stanton ever was for realsies put on the block, the Phils wouldn’t be able to offer a package ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE near what Texas, St. Louis, Houston, Pittsburgh, hell, 90 percent of other MLB clubs would offer. I’m talking, not able to touch it with a 10,000 foot pole. Not even in the ballpark. Not a chance. No way. Time to move on.

  14. i cant see this trade ever happening for the phillies for several reasons. first, i cant see stanton actually being placed on the trading block, especially after the shit the marlins brass pulled over the last year. secondly, it violates the cardinal rule of professional sports, which means there is no way the marlins would trade him within the division. third, the phils would be in competition with at least 15-20 other teams. of course, that brings me to my fourth point, what do we have to offer that would separate us from the pack and make the marlins want to trade with us? just not happening people.

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