Sixers to Make MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT at 4:15

I’m not sure there’s any way this isn’t about hiring Sam Hinkie as GM. But, a series of interesting Tweets popped up following the announcement of the announcement, all seemingly in opposition of each other:

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 2.49.09 PM

Heller is one of the Sixers’ co-owners, and Eskin is claiming that he demoted Aron (perhaps why we saw significantly fewer Tweets from Aron at the end of the season). But I can’t see how the press conference today would be anything other than the Hinkie announcement… and it’s certainly not to announce that someone is being fired. Although it could be to announce a public stoning of Spencer Hawes, which would be totally cool.

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20 Responses

  1. Wish they would move the fuck out of the city. Hate everything about the sixers. Terrible fucking product SMH

    1. Maybe YOU should move the fuck out of the city. You can start by moving out if your mother’s basement.

        1. Jew look aid? Classy bro. By the way… The war is over. The south lost. Tell your racist friends and family that if they only wanna live with there own kind, there is a giant floating ice cube at the bottom of the earth you all can live on.

  2. Seriously, how is basketball still a thing in this country?

  3. But they can’t get rid of Adam Aron. At least not until his twitter poll is complete regarding whether fans would prefer dimmer lighting at the games. I’m dying to see the results of his poll and if they fire him, how will we know???

  4. Seriously people, why all the basketball hate? The NBA has some of the best athletes on the planet. To play in the NBA, you already need to be in the .00001% of humans from a height standpoint. Hockey, football, baseball, etc. have zero height restrictions. If you aren’t in the high range of 6’3 or taller you’re going to have a bad time.

    From there, you have to be coordinated well enough to move your long ass limbs effectively enough at a high level. You need to be able to run at a sprinter’s pace for extended periods of time You need to have durability due the long season and contact. You need focus and finesse when attempting shots with a defender in your face.

    The list goes on, so please lay off the NBA hate

    NBA Players are freak athletes, period. They’re the .0000001% of the human species, period.

    1. You need one superstar to win a championship. That is why we should hate on the NBA. What a fucking joke.

      And your height argument is one of the funniest, most irrelevant points you could possible argue – go watch an NHL game and tell me how much better of athletes NBA players are….

      1. I would try and watch but I can’t find what channel it’s on.

  5. Funny when Jimmy Rollins calls this city front runners and everyone gets their panties in a bunch over it, yet when a team isn’t doing good all the assholes here do is whine and complain about a team and not show up

  6. Let’s not get started on the whole height restriction thing.. Spud Webb was how tall again? A.I.? Mo Cheeks? Hockey players are way better athletes than basketball players…because ICE!!!

  7. Ok. It’s the Hinkie thing. We can stop getting excited about things we knew wouldn’t be announced, though personally, I was hoping for an 11-man trade package with nearly any other team.

  8. Hey, Eskin. Go stuff your face at Ponzio’s and continue to dispense out useless information.

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