So Much for the Lockout Hurting Hockey

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 11.06.08 AMHockey on NBC beat baseball on FOX this weekend: [Awful Announcing]

But coming out of the first weekend of primetime games, there’s good news and bad news for MLB. In the good news department, the league drew 2.2 million viewers for a pretty middling slate of games. In the bad news department, MLB lost the head to head matchup with the NHL. Yeah, that’s right: the NHL beat MLB, and it wasn’t even close. Saturday night’s Blackhawks-Red Wings Game 5 on NBC drew 2.9 million viewers, and picked up a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 demo, compared to just 0.5 for MLB in the same demo.

This is what happens when you let Tom McCarthy do national (regional) games. Good breakdown on the ratings by Joe Lucia over at AA.


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    1. Did the baseball playoffs start already? And how did it do up against the nba playoffs? Probs ly not as good .

  1. Playoff hockey versus early season baseball. Is it any wonder the NHL won out?

    1. Agreed. Wouldn’t the more comparable argument be NHL playoffs vs. NBA playoffs? Who is winning that battle? (My assumption based would be the NBA by a long shot).

      1. I’d say that might be a wash, depending on who you talk to. The NBA is dependent on players for ratings while the NHL leans heavily on teams. However, the NHL is still seen as only the fourth most popular sport in the U.S. (some might argue hockey is fifth behind NASCAR) while the NBA has much more of an audience for their sport. Now, if hockey were to have a Stanley Cup Final between Pittsburgh and defending champ L.A. while basketball counters with Miami versus the ratings killing Spurs in the NBA Finals, the NHL might—heavy emphasis on MIGHT—just win out in the TV battle.

  2. NHL ratings definitely aided by Pitt, NY, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit making it to the 2nd round. All the biggest markets that care about the NHL except Philly.

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