The New, Now Hiring Editors

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 12.25.14 PMOn a day when a story about a cat was (and still is) top news on the new – where the Huffington Post meets hipster journalism – this headline briefly found its way to the main page. Q the trolls who poynt owt al mui type-os!

via John Gonzalez


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  1. Laugh all you want, Kyle. This is what happens when Bush’s “‘Murikah” takes a stranglehold on all of our countries customs, beliefs, and institutions. You have a major American publication (albeit an online version) NOT paying an intern to copy check and upload articles. Who cares? Over half the readership is illiterate anyway (thanks “No Child Left Behind”). If maybe we spent the billions of dollars we spent on Iraq and Halliburton on education, maybe we wouldn’t be in this predicament. But I’m sure protecting our fake “2nd amendment rights” will take care of all of this. Maybe if the Koch Brothers would stop scaring the mouth-breathing middle Americans and we’d join the 21st century and enact universal health care, we’d have literate and functioning high schoolers that know how to spell. Get it? You’re welcome.

    By the way – preemptively saying “Q the trolls who poynt owt al mui type-os!” only exacerbates your self-loathing. Get over yourself. It’s unbecoming.

    1. You’re a tool, quit trolling a sports blog to blabber on about your political rhetoric.

      By the way – your mother lied, she doesn’t love you.

  2. Good comeback, airhead. I’ll “blabber on” (I think you meant “blather on”, you airhead) wherever I damn well please, and you’ll deal with it. Got it? You’re welcome.

    Let me guess….you’re from Delco?

  3. Sounds like a new job for Rhea Hughes & John Gonzales. Get those fuckers off the airwaves.

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