This Alex Ovechkin GIF Wins Today

oviThis is going around Twitter. No idea who made it, but they deserve an interweb medal in the shape of a mother’s basement. Well done. Wellllll done.

The Rangers beat the Caps last night, 4-3. This was the eventual game-winner.

H/T to Chris


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  1. As much as I hate CIndy Crosby, the fact that this guy was ever in the same conversation as to who was worlds best player is a joke. Pathetic

    1. If you’re throwing out names like Stamkos, Crosby or Ovechkin for the worlds greatest player then you’re an idiot. Points don’t make the best player. Never going to see any of them on the PK because they suck at defense.Worlds best player should go to a two way player like Toews or a younger Datsyuk. Those are complete players.

      1. Yeah points don’t matter…why would anyone care about the number of times a player factors into one of their team’s goals? That’s silly! It’s like counting RBI’s! Who does that?!

      2. Buddy you’re a retard Crosby is amazing all around the ice not just offence , get your facts right dummy.

      3. Hey dolt, Crosby plays the PK, too. Datsyuk is great, but there is a large gap between he and Crosby.

      4. I don’t think you can call Sydney Crosby a poor defensive player. The reason he doesn’t log much (or any) penalty kill time is because he plays so much ice time already. If you were the coach of the Penguins, you’d be outside your mind to risk injury to the best player in the world by having him blocking shots on the penalty kill or risk having him be exhausted from playing extra PK minutes and not being fresh at the end of the game when you might need him to score.
        Now, Ovechkin, on the other hand, is a player I wouldn’t put on the PK simply because he’s completely useless when it comes to playing defensively and having him out as part of your penalty kill practically turns a 5-on-4 in to a 5-on-3.5

  2. I love when AO revs it up in his own end to go coast-to-coast and it always results in an epic fail.

  3. I heard Boomer Esiason give an update on ‘IP this morning. He apologized to all other commissioners, and said that the NHL Playoffs are the most exciting thing in sports. He gave some positives about them, then ended with a negative – “However, I’d like to see them get rid of the ‘Michael Jordan Rules’, where guys like Crosby and Ovechkin get passes for diving and embellishment”. LOVED IT! Thanks, Boomer, for calling them out! It’s about time!

    1. I’ll take no playoffs rather than the embarrasment of being a preseason favorite struggling with the Islanders and no foreseable goalie solution.

      1. Yeah right dude. What a joke. Pens have no foreseeable goalie solution, and the Flyers do? You’d seriously rather not be in the playoffs then be in a series against the Islanders? How fuckin delusional are Philly fans?

        1. Well MM here is clearly a fartstain because what he said makes no sense. What an idiot.

      2. Don’t sleep on the Isles…they easily could’ve been the 5 seed. Their young talent is showing promising things and great potential for the future.

      3. Oh rly? Pens moving to the second round. Flyers getting bored with golf at this point. How’s is it sharing the same view as the Titanic?

  4. Crosby > Ovechkin and its not even close.

    If you were starting a franchise tomorrow and had the top pick, who’d be your first five selections? Does Ovie get in?

    1) Crosby
    2) Malkin
    3) Stamkos
    4) Toews
    5) Giroux

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