Today in “Ryan Lochte, Douchebag”: Douchebag Ryan Lochte Pokes Fun at His Douchebag Self

I hate you, America.

[Don’t worry, I have a real post coming up shortly.]

H/T to Tyson


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  1. Kyle, how jealous do you think your boy suzie is of magic mans wife ?

    1. Why? Lochte perfectly describes just about everyone who has commented on this article so far. Lochte = Crossing Broad commenters. That’s why Kyle posts so many Lochte stories. It’s called knowing your demo, the demo being a “Vaginatarian” T-shirt that gained consciousness and learned how to troll the Internet.

      1. I’ve only seen one days worth of posts from your “so cool, I’m so snarky” ass, but I’m already EXHAUSTED by your schtick. Your the same as everyone you criticize. Your a miserable dick critiquing all the other miserable dicks who post here.

    2. Excuse me Amannnnnnddddaaaaaa,what I tell you about posting on this site??!! wtf
      I’ll kick everyone’s ass in this room!

        1. Lmao at informed comment. That’s some good can’t hardly wait knowledge

  2. New post coming up shortly, after i drive to the shore to mooch off mom and dad. Lazy polish cocksucker. No golf tourney news either. I hope you get sand fleas on the sack.

        1. Honestly, I just miss when all our teams were better and we talked about, you know, them. Candy: sorry about that. Never change.

  3. Lochte is a true American hero. He’s rightfully pointing out that the Jew and the nigs are the worst scum there is. Go Lochte!

  4. “Don’t worry, I have a real post coming up shortly.”

    Translation: “I’m waiting for Deadspin to update.”

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