West Oak Lane Schools, Still Not Safe

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 4.05.27 PMFrom 6 ABC:

HAZMAT crews were called out to a Philadelphia school in West Oak Lane after white powder was found in two bags.

The discovery was made around 12:45 p.m. Tuesday at the John McCloskey School on the 8500 block of Pickering Street.

One bag was located in the exterior of the school and the other in the nurse’s office.

There was a 99% chance of cocaine here. .05% chance of anthrax. And .05% chance of:

HAZMAT crews tested the substance and determined it to be flour.

Stay vigilant, folks.

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11 Responses

  1. Kazakhstan is the world’s leading flour exporter. Obviously we need to export some democracy there. Even if it costs a few trillion and tens of thousands of soldiers’ lives.

    1. your comment basically sums up every student who goes to school in West Oak Lane. You failed miserably and have zero chance of getting laid without rape

      1. heh, if you think a kid in WOL would know when to use flour as opposed to flower, you sir, have failed

    1. Oh I get it. You couldnt tell when you hit the title of this article that it wasnt about sports. I guess it wasnt too obvious #killyourself

      1. Oh I’m sorry, genius. I just thought when a website labels itself “philadelphia’s most irreverent sports blog”, that it might actually talk about sports. You dumb fuck

        1. Im not the dumb fuck who hit an article titled “West Oak Lane Schools, Still Not Safe” and cried like a baby back bitch when it wasnt about sports. You are “that guy”, and trust me, nobody likes “that guy”. Once again, kill yourself. Who knows, if you do maybe Kyle will write about it and some other virgin will pick up where you left off and cry about it not being about sports

          1. In my experience, it’s the guys who tell others to “kill yourself” that are usually “that guy.”

  2. You do realize that your percentages add up to 99.1 percent? I think you meant 0.5% chance.

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