Who’s That Douche?

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Who said this:

D1: As we see the two 40-year-old virgins in the green suits getting a talking to. Think those guys in the green suits live in their mom’s basement?

D2: Undoubtedly.

D1: I think so. I bet you they’re big gamers.

D2: They probably collect potholders, too.

D1: Yes. Snow globes. I bet you they have a big snow globe collection down there. Are there hockey snow globes?

D2: Do they have rain globes? Because here in Vancouver that might be more appropriate.

D1: Yeah, actually that would be more appropriate.

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CSN Bay Area announcers Drew Remenda and Randy Hahn. They took issue with the green men who sit beside the penalty box in Vancouver:


6 Responses

  1. I think the guys in green suits are the douches. The green man concept is seriously gayer than Jason Collins…spades a spade. Props to the announcers.

  2. We’re in it for the freaky chicks and we get tons of them!

  3. They also did a Reddit AMA about a week ago. Im sure you would know that Kyle, as a lot of reddit content has been on here lately. Not a problem, just interesting to see CB integrating trending topics around the web.

  4. Kyle, what is your sudden obsession with the old (as in several years old) “Scumbag Steve” meme?

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