Cary Williams’ Justification for Missing OTAs was Awesome

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Somehow, everyone (myself included) missed this Tweet from earlier in May

This guy is going to provide great sound bites when he goes GUNN-ON-ONE after games.

Here’s how Cary Williams justified his missing OTAs for his daughter’s dance recital, via and (@GeoffMosherCSN):

“I grew up a kid that didn’t have two parents in a household. I take pride in being there for my daughter, my children and any future children, because I didn’t have that when I was younger. So instead of people reporting about me being a good father, I’d much rather talk about something more important. Make plays on Sundays, Sundays is the biggest thing.”

“If I was a guy who had three kids with three different women, and I was a womanizer, you’d be reporting that. Now I’m a guy who wanted to see his girl’s recital and I’m a bad guy? Come on, man. I’m a guy who hasn’t gotten in trouble for years.”

Regarding the other reasons he was absent, specifically the home building, Williams said he needed to pick out his sconces and wood.

“You want me to do that during the season?” Williams asked.

Well, come to think of it… no, no we wouldn’t want you doing that during the season. Cary on.

Video after the jump.


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    1. If anyone puts a hashtag in their comments, they should be stabbed with an aids infested needle

    2. Regarding the other reasons he was absent, specifically the home building, Williams said he needed to pick out his sconces and wood. — I think hating (and poking fun and ripping) on a dude for picking out sconces is perfectly reasonable. Thank you, Cary, for introducing “sconces” to my vocabulary, as well.

    3. Kyle didn’t post the part about him hating on fans for not going to preseason games. I reserve the right to hate on him.

  1. Oh please. I’m sure he’s kind to his dog and loves his mom too. Me too. I go to work when I’m expected to be there. Seriously, if I were the coach I’d cut him quick. He ain’t that great.

    1. He wasn’t expected to be there, it is involuntary. He is there now, when he is expected to be there.

  2. Yes he missed involuntary workouts. However, don’t you think you would want to be there when its a new systems and new coach and new team? I understand you have family and personal stuff to do but how many weeks out of the year do you work? The common people work 50-52 weeks and we are able to get our family and personal shit done on our time. And dude, your daughter is like 4 or 5, maybe recitals are more inportant when she’s older? She isn’t gonna see you for 17 weeks during the football season, so whats the difference?

    1. I couldn’t agree more. In any event, Cary’s shit better not stink from REAL training camp right on up to the last play of the game in week 17 or he’s going to hear it from the fans.

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