Chip Kelly Gets Slapped on the Wrist by NCAA

I suspect few of you care about this story (I don’t), but when the Eagles’ coach gets slapped on the wrist for NCAA violations… well, it’s worth mentioning.

The NCAA delivered their ruling from Mt. Morality today on alleged Oregon recruiting violations. Chip Kelly, supposedly, used a scouting service to funnel players toward his program. Oregon will lose only one scholarship for the next two years and may not work work with a scouting service during that time. Kelly, essentially, won’t be able to coach in the NCAA for the next 18 months (not that it matters). But, the report did take a few digs at him:

“From 2009 through 2011, the scope and nature of the violations in this case demonstrate that the head football coach failed to monitor: (1) his football staff related to the recruiting activities of the recruiting service provider, a representative of the institution’s athletics interests; (2) the football program’s use of a recruiting or scouting service that did not always comply with NCAA legislation; and (3) the duties and activities of the assistant director of operations.”


So was this or the reason why Kelly left for the NFL? Maybe. But it doesn’t matter.


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