Our friends at TiqIQ want to give you money again. Here’s the deal: All you have to do is give your name and email (they may send you local ticket deals from time to time) and, on Facebook, say whether you think Charlie Manuel is the best Phillies manager of all-time. They call it most important manager, and I think that’s strange, so answers about whether you think he’s the best manager will be accepted.

My response: I’m not sure how you could argue with that. He’s not a particularly good in-game manager and too frequently he manages with his gut… but he oversaw the team to five-straight division titles and pulled all the right strings in basically each of those years. And he won a World Series. And his players still like him. So yeah, he’s the best Phillies manager ever. Agree, disagree? Say why and enter to win $100 ticket gift card. Pretty simple.

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