Dom Brown is Hurting Baseballs

Dom_brown_bombs2What is the saying, speak softly, but swing your big stick?

Never thought I’d write this: Cole Hamels sucks, Ryan Howard is attempting bunts, and Dom Brown is raking. Bombs away.

Video of Brown’s home runs here.

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15 Responses

  1. At least someone is hitting… hopefully it will start rubbing off on other people.

    When Howard attempted that bunt, I just became sad. You always thought, ‘Hey, with the shift in place why not?’ But you never thought he’d ACTUALLY try it. Oh piece, what has become of you? 🙁

  2. I guarantee he’ll be slaying a stable of white girls and at least one Philadelphia news reporter by the end of the month.

    1. As his right, considering that he is the only one doing shit in the Phils lineup. In the meanwhile, Ryan Howard deserves to have his wife leave him, and he deserves nothing better than an AIDS ridden crack whore, of questionable gender. Cole Hamels mean while, deserves to continue slaying prime pussy, because even though he sucks lately, he is still an talented WHITE pitcher

    1. The “future” of the team is a 26-year old minor league who has had only one good season and is currently hitting .254 with five home runs against AAA pitching? Yikes.

      1. Thank the Lord somebody said it, because I was thinking the same thing

  3. Dom should be in the All Star game this year. However, watching that GIF shows that he only hits the high and inside pitches. The ones Howard hasnt seen since 09. Similar to our young starters, the league will catch on to that.

    1. Jesus Christ, blow this fucking team up already. How many mistakes can one team make? I guess it is expected when your trouting out the C squad and a buncha banged up vets. Fuck this is painful.

  4. And btw Kyle, I’ve turned over a new leaf. I’ve always been one of your biggest detractors, but the blog has incrementally improved of late. The non-sports posts are still similar to Angelo Cataldi (in that they still suck a fat Rhea Hughes dick), but other than that you have stepped your game up of late

  5. Thank god some people have sense on here. Sick of people clamoring for Ruf. Became a “prospect” at like age 25. That doesn’t bode well for anything. Strikes out way too much. Below avg fielder. Has some pop but not anything to write home about. Everyone is just hoping he’s something special when he’s not. The future is Dom, Cesar, and Cody. That’s bad enough.

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