Dom Brown is the NL Player of the Week for the Second Week in a Row and NL Player of the Month

No surprise.

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17 Responses

  1. I guess he really liked that watch he didn’t know about the first time he won the player of the week award?

  2. I wish someone would write about his change in the position of his hands.

    When he first came up, his hands were really high. They tried to get them down last year with disastrous results (seems they had them down much lower). Now they are lower, but not as low as last year, and he seems to get to the ball much better.

    If someone could do an in depth piece about that, it could be interesting. And it could be where the power is coming from. He just gets to the ball better with a more consistent swing.

    There Kyle write about that.

    1. totally agree… side-by-side GIFs of 2013 and previous would really demonstrate a great change in his approach at the plate and the length of his swing. he looks REALLY sharp on the ball right now

    2. You bring up hand position, Mark….but where we’re YOUR hands last night?

      Oh, that’s right! Down Richard Simmons’ pants!

  3. The Phillies better get someone to hit behind Dom soon (read: who is better than Mayberry or Delmon Young), or his days of seeing strikes will end quickly. Major league pitchers may be a bit quirky but they’re not stupid.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Mayberry has always been a stiff and Young isn’t all that much better while his defense is haphazard at best. I say Delmon should be sent to the bench, if not out the door and bring Darin Ruf up. Right now, he certainly can’t do any worse, perhaps he might even be better.

  4. if he keeps this up I guess he’ll be on the Yankees soon, the Phils are so locked down with stiffs and big contracts they won’t be able to compete for him

  5. Where’s Nick crying about how bad Dom Brown is? He was doing it just two weeks ago.

    Nick, where are youuuuuuuuuu?

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