Dom Brown is Using that Fancy New Analytics App: Chase Utley

20130608-115953.jpgThe other day we learned that, while on the shelf, Doc is mentoring (or brainwashing) Cole Hamels. Now we find out that Chase Utley is Dom Brown’s oracle.
Jerry Crasnick of

Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown draws a distinct line in the use of video as a teaching tool. When he has personal experience against a pitcher, he cues up the DVD player to help jog his memory. When it’s a first-time encounter, he dispenses with technology and goes straight to the Phillies’ human DVD player: second baseman Chase Utley.

“I try not to watch video on guys I haven’t seen before,” Brown says. “The camera does some tricky things, man. On film the ball might sink a little bit more or look like it’s running. Then you get in the box and it’s not doing anything. If I haven’t seen a guy before, I just go to Chase and ask him. Chase does a lot of studying. He’s been here a long time, and he knows the game inside and out.”

Who needs a fancy computer and moving images when you have Chase Utley, perhaps in a tight t-shirt.
Good read from Crasnick.


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  1. We knew this 3 weeks ago when he told Cuz and Macnow on WIP that he was doing this via Utley. Some strong up to the second reporting there Kyle.

    1. Yea LA I guess you don’t think about all his readers who are busy at work and can’t catch ant and glen. You’re a stooge.

      1. i’m not talking about you ya dope – i’m talking about Kyle. It’s his job to break news – not 3 weeks late so that you don’t have to skip work to listen to the radio. but thanks for missing the point completely.

  2. Strong work by Dom. Shows he respects the game and the veterans. If he stays as consistent as Chase he will be a great Phillie for years to come!

  3. Good to hear that he’s hanging around the right veteran ballplayer. If anyone is going to influence Dom to be a better player & to go about things the right way, it’s Chase.

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