Donovan McNabb is a Very Dumb, Dumb Man

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 5.18.58 PMRemember last week when Donovan McNabb wondered whether Game 6 was a must-win for the Heat? Well! This is stupider.

I’ll remind you once again that Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder today.


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  1. 5 isn’t the brightest… but is it so silly to wonder. Ask Ray Lewis if being charged with murder means your career is over.

    1. I wonder if that spic Aaron Hernandez listened to “I could just kill a man” by Cyprus hill

        1. look in front and tell me wat u c
          turn quick and boom there go da end of ya life
          u niggas think u can take me ima have u sayin im the answer to the gamE
          like A.I.
          cuz ill have u hooked up 2 a I.V. in the E R SON
          i get dissed everyday comeback the next day with no pain
          took 2 shots and just went back wit some glocks (think they made it)
          when im on da court im like nash but get more cash $$$$
          ray charles da blind sensation
          wanted 2 be jus like him so i could be good wit da penetration
          bitches love my style thats why i always get smiles
          jus like Jay top down screamin money aint a thing
          im wit da guerilla unit so step back or ima take u threw it
          sent 2 to his dome that nigga didnt make it home
          i told em this p-jangles he said who p-jangles
          so i slapped em in da face put a dik in his mouth
          told em turn around he looked like dat F A G O T fukin mickey mouse

          Hernandez ain’t no snitch

  2. So was Ray Lewis but he continued to have a very successful NFL career so while his comment is dumb, it is not out of the realm of possibilities that this guy could play in the NFL again. Did people think Vick would be back?

    1. Lewis is a poor example as he was able to hide the murder weapon and his bloody clothes. Vick killing dogs is much lower in scale than killing a dude you hang with. Its a dumb tweet. If he knew what a tie was, Id say it was tie with that dumb Heat tweet.

          1. Not trolling, just calling this loser and his idiotic blog out for what they are: WORTHLESS!

  3. Another productive post on a SLOW news day.

    Instead of talking about a huge development of a (former) NFL player, lets figure out a way to use this situation to bash Philly athletes!

  4. Matt makes a good point.

    Although it is kind of odd to be more concerned about the man’s NFL playing career when he has far bigger problems (being charged with 1st degree murder & being held without bail).

    This could be the end of his life as a free man, and someone else’s life was ended in a violent manner.

  5. @john yet you read his blog and take the time to comment? This is a blog not ESPN.

    1. Wow is that the only defense you morons have?

      I’m trying to point out how idiotic, pointless, and counterproductive this blog is. And all you can say is “Why do you come here to tell me what a moron I am for thinking this blog serves a legitimate purpose?”

      Stalking athletes, posting pictures of their children, gossiping about their personal lives, making them seem like full blown athletes because they go out to the bar once in a while, WHAT GOOD DOES THIS DO?!?!

      1. John, you’re a loser. Sorry. You’ve made some good points on this post, but your incessant whining is pathetic. Do you just sit on your computer on CB all day? Refreshing the page, waiting for the next post to appear so you can go on another rant. Just don’t fucking read it. It’s that simple. All you’re doing is supporting the site, whether you know it or not.

        1. Blue Balls: I check this out a couple times a day, usually because I see these dumb articles linked on twitter. I point out how useless they are. Doesn’t take much time.

          You can actually refute the points I’m making, or you can continue with the “If you hate it so much why do you point out why its stupid” routine…

          1. I don’t refute the points you’re making as it pertains to this post. I thought I stated that clearly enough. All I’m saying is stop being such a gash. You’re obsessed with a site that you loathe. You’re like a crazy ex-girlfriend, you secretly have some sort of weird thing for CB, at the same time all you do is spew hate for the site and it’s author. You just happen to “notice” the articles linked on twitter, similar to an jealous ex stalking facebook and other social media sites. Find a new website.

      2. What good do they do? Maybe this is just satire to show how idiotic our de facto “heros” actually are. Being a great athlete does not make you smart enough for tv pontification; yet we are treated to imbeciles like Warren Sapp, Marshall Faulk and McNabb. I see nothing wrong with jabbing them. They can take it.

  6. What’s so funny? Rae Carruth gets out of the pen in the next year or two…can’t wait til the Eagles pick him up..

  7. These athletes have to stop tweeting about this Murder like its no big deal. Smh

  8. Seriously? I expected to see something really funny here; but as FACE said, McNabb’s not far off with his question. Plus, he’s just making a social media query to initiate conversation on his Twitter page … It’s kinda like getting more people to follow your sports blog by saying Donovan McNabb said something really stupid today, when he really didn’t. I guess some folks who comment on this page are right … you really ARE struggling to find topics for this blog.

    1. Instead of talking about the Hernandez story, he’s using the Hernandez story to try and bash Philly athletes. Kyle Scott is a pathetic twerp.

      People say I’m trolling this blog? This blog is nothing more than large scale trolling.

      1. You are ABSOLUTELY trolling this blog, John!! What else could you possibly call what you’re doing?!?!? You keep telling people to come up with a defense for Kyle and for this blog instead of responding to you with, “If you don’t like it, why do you keep coming back” retort. Well, here you go: WE DON’T NEED TO DEFEND OURSELVES OR THIS BLOG! We come here because we enjoy it. It’s fine if you don’t. But choosing to comment on EVERY SINGLE STORY, often multiple times, about how much you despise Kyle, the site, etc. makes you the WORST kind of person. It exposes you for the egotistical, arrogant, sniveling, snarky, self-righteous, judgmental blowhard that you are. How hypocritical of you to blast Kyle for bashing Philly athletes and then resort to bashing HIM with your schoolyard insults.

        So, now I’ll say to you what the dozens of others have said: if YOU don’t like this blog, do what other normal people do and DON’T READ IT. Think about all the time you spend every day reading each article, commenting on each article, checking back frequently to see if your wanna-be-famous ass got any responses to your comments, then re-commenting on the commenters’ comments! NOW think about how many productive things you could do with that time. Astonishing.

        1. John might be a troll but he has a point. This site has been going further and further down the shitter with every lazy post followed by a hypocritical one where kyle sits on his high horse and criticizes the media, a media which he simultaneously bashes yet tries to pretend hes a part of.

          I’ve commented multiple times before on these types of problems and been met with the same “If you dont like it then why are you here?” Responses. ..Im here because this site USED to be awesome. It used to be the fun tmz type posts balanced out with original posts that kyle would put thought into…Now its almost exclusively tmz posts, which have been reduced to stuoid shit like posting about thos mcnabb non story or stalking andrew bynum..And his original work has just turned to agenda driven drivel about bryzgalov or someone like thst, just to generste hits. That, or its race baiting posts that mock the way black people talk and lead to a slew of racist sexist scum thst turn the comments section into a KKK retreat, with NO attempt at moderation from kyle. I point all this out because id like for this site to go back to being a fun and respectable alternative to the usual drivel that’s plowed in front of us, drivel that this site has become a part of. you can tell me to stop reading, and you know what? I just might, because im going to do what all my other friends did long ago, and give up on this trash, and then youll be rid of me.

          1. Russian Pete the pizza delivery guy sounds like he hates kyle, spics, Mexicans & wet-backs

      2. If Kyle Scott is a pathetic twerp , than what’s that make you? It makes you the pathetic twerp that is anonymously trolling another so-called “pathetic twerp”. You’re the troll trolling the troll.

    2. Its a stupid tweet any way you slice it. From a guy who has a rep for saying and doing stupid things. Like playing air guitar before a playoff game.

  9. McNabb has now been linked to the crime as a trail of vomit was found leaving the scene

  10. If I’m reading this Hernandez story correctly, he allegedly killed his friend because the friend was hanging with some guys who he didn’t like? Seriously? You’re gonna throw your life away over something as trivial as that? Hard to believe.

    1. Hernandez is obviously a mental case, which will be his defense. Don’t be surprised if he does not serve any time.

  11. Not so dumb when you think of the entitled athletes who cut deals to lessen charges (Stallworth), bang dogs heads against the wall and electrocute them (Vick) and hide your bloody white suit after a man died (Ray Lewis) yet lived to play another day in the NFL. Who knows what this guy will plead to get a lower sentence? Money talks.

  12. Yeah all you stupid mother fuckers calling people spic and wetback can suck my proud Puerto Rican Dick …..suck it easy bitches adios

  13. Im wondering when Obama makes a statement that Odin could look like his son if he had one, since this is racial due to Rodriguez being a “white hispanic”. Im expecting outrage from Al Sharpton, the Black Panthers, MSNBC and Howard University.

    1. Man Latino is Latino don’t matter if your fair skinned or dark as night

  14. This is the kind of nitpicky bullshit that makes the McNabb critics sound like complete assholes, and it gives philly fans a bad name. How are you telling me this question is invalid?

    First off, he hasnt been convicted of anything yet, and as the details of this case are only just starting to come out, who knows how it will end. Its completely fair for McNabb, or anyone, to ask the sportscaster equivalent of “Guilty or not guilty?”

    Secondly, and building off that point…If he is found innocent, there is absolutely a precedence that points to him being able to play again. Look at guys like Donte Stallworth or Ray Lewis who killed people or were involved in killing someone. Look at multiple offenders like pacman jones or a guy like mike vick, wwhohad one of the worst falls from grace an athlete has ever had…All of those men were convicted (or in Lewis case he took a deal) and were still able to play again. Youre telling me a guy like vick, who did hard time and was thoroughly eembarassd and raked along the coals can get his job back, yet a guy who is cleared of murder charges wont be able too? Again, it all depends on of hes innocent or not, which at this point NOONE KNOWS, so how is mcnabbs question dumb?

    This was the same tyoe of nonsense he had throughout his entire career…And im not saying the guy wws flawless. He had plenty of bad off field gaffes that he deserved criticism for, but for everyone of those there would be 10 ridiculously overblown or absurdly undeserved criticisms hurled at him by self righteous armchair professionals like Kyle or angelo cataldi. And these types of nonsensical insults only undermined the valid criticisms of McNabb and made us as fans look like a bunch of animals. Fuck you nimrods who think this is a “story” and fuck people like kyle who perpetuate it.

    1. Zimmerman is a Mexican who was adopted by a jewish family when he was alittle kid he isn’t Puerto Rican dumb ass

        1. Yeah thru adoption he is because his adoptive parents are white but say he was never adopted and he still had a Hispanic name his case would of never been broadcast it would of been another minority on minority crime

  15. I’m really pissed that Kyle doesn’t like me and that Candy from the Oak is actually Rhea Hughes. :'(

    1. Candy you must not no any Puerto Rican people we are not in the same category as Mexicans if your ignorant to a subject such as race don’t talk about it

  16. Looks like Zimmer ate too many burritos lately. Aaron was prolly raging after too much deer antler spray and Molly. Love to see the New England teams suffer – lose cup, tight end murders someone. Numbs the pain that our 4 shitty teams give us on a reg basis. Racist comments are funny. Social media is the devil in disguise. We’re all going to hell fast. REPENT my Bretheren! The Lord cometh! Love thy neighbor. Have a pleasent evening. That is all.

  17. Donnie Drama is a cautionary tale about how some people shouldn’t have anything to do with Twitter because of the likelihood of posting stupid stuff.

  18. Acutally… considering ray lewis… its not that stupid of a question. This blog is what is consistently fucking dumb, real fucking dumb.

  19. BTW ~ I come here before work in the morning hoping to get some news on the west coast game that I hear had a exciting ending from last night while I was sleeping. Is it to much to ask for updates on our sports teams? Instead I find some half ass post calling out mcnabb for being dumb for asking a very legitimate question? The fuck?? I agree with the troll above name John. The fuck is this shit? Luckily I can find my recap on another Philly blog(A high level one) that actually cares to give us actual info about our teams we may have missed while sleeping in preparation for waking early to go to our actual real life jobs, while half ass bloggers sleep in and don’t update on weekends. The fuck??

    1. That’s what KYW-1060 is for. Sports at 15 and 45 after the hour. Give it a try sometime.

      1. Really? People still listen to AM radio? Are you fucking 80? I have my phone synced when I am driving and I am not listening to a fucking second of commercials, let alone commercials behind static. Normal people goto the internet when they wake up in the morning, hoping to get a little something more than “Phils won last night on a error, and now back to traffic”. Dont worry old man, 700 level had coverage posted at 6 am of last nights game. A Blog that serves a purpose.

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