It’s a Little Wet Over at Merion

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 3.34.01 PMIn case you haven’t heard… the US Open is at Merion this weekend, and right now, it’s very wet there.

You know, I feel like this is an event that CSN should mention and just be really shameless about and jam down our throats because it airs on THE COMCAST-OWNED NETWORKS OF NBC(!!!). They should get on that.

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  1. So when is the CB golf outting sponsored by Godfather locks and Drinker’s $1 weiners.
    Come on Kyle this can get you back on the right page with your “fans”

    1. CB golf outing has to coincide with a weekend that we can crash at the the Scott’s summer pad in sea isle. this way, we golf and raise hell at the bars of sea isle.

  2. It rained on a golf course and the golf course looks like every golf course after rain. Such hyperventilating is so stupid. Guess what? Big holes called sand traps, when it rains, become small ponds. Then the water goes away.

    1. i would agree with that observation. dont get me wrong, i like golf and respect it, but suddenly everybody is a golf channel analyst who knows everything about the game. all these people talking about the challenges of the course yet they never set foot on it!

  3. There’s such a false sense of self-importance in this city. People are just craving attention and recognition for anything here (ie: Smarty Jones Syndrome). I’ve never seen so much giddiness for the spotlight. Relax everyone, it’s an annual golf tournament that is taking place in a suburb of Philadelphia. Calm down.

    1. i do agree with you in that many in this area tend to get overly excited for some rather miniscule things. you made me laugh with the smarty jones reference. i actaully remember people walking around with smarty jones t-shirts. however, when we only have one championship in 30 years (or 120 seasons, but who’s counting) people tend to get overexcited for things. now, im not the biggest golf fan, but i cant fault people for getting excited over the area hosting the US open for three reasons. first, the US open hasnt been to this area in 35 years. secondly, its brings with it some of the biggest names in the sport. third, and most importantly, the surrounding area will benefit financially from its visit

      1. I agree that the financial benefits of this event are extremely important for the area but I highly doubt that is a reason for everyone’s excitement. So many “golfers” are coming out of the woodwork now too.

  4. good open the roads back up & send these pansies to another club. fuck golf!

  5. I’m no golf fan myself, but I understand the importance of the U.S. Open being here because it’s one of the sport’s majors along with the Masters and the British Open, and the economic windfall for the region figures to be immense. Oh, yeah, and with Eldrick in town, there figures to be drama of one sort or another before the weekend’s over. Is the media coverage a tad overblown? You bet, but hey, the city doesn’t get to be in the spotlight like this every day, so, if you’re a golf fan, enjoy your moment in the sun, if not, well, there’s always the Phillies. Unfortunately.

  6. Could there be any other sport as boring, tedious as Golf ?
    just looked at the sports pages in todays Daily News……7-8 pages of rained out golf coverage……one half page article on the Bruins/Chicago Stanley Cup.

    did u know that golf stood for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden ?

    1. I think Mark Twain once called golf, “A good walk ruined”. Sadly, it’s the only game in town right now: the Phillies are back to being butt-ugly after shitting the bed in Milwaukee; the Chip Kelly Experiment (a.k.a. the Eagles) are off the radar until training camp next month; the Flyers are probably following the pros at Merion with the rest of the rubes while Sam Hinkie takes his sweet ass time deciding on the next Sixers head coach. No wonder the DN and the Inky are bombarding everyone with U.S. Open coverage, as a sports fan, there’s nothing else locally to hold interest. Then again, you could start following the Union. Doop.

      1. one story i could do without is the overzealous coverage of the supposed feud between woods and garcia. wow, the media has done an exceptional job in making a mountain out of an anthill with this one. just stirring the pot as they always do. you want a serious golf feud……happy gilmore and shooter mcgavin. now, there’s a rivalry.

        1. Well, you know what they say: “If it bleeds, it leads”. There’s no doubt in my mind that as long as the media thinks there’s still meat on the bones of the Eldrick-Sergio hissy fit, reporters, writers and columnists will do all they can to gnaw it off. Hell, I’d be shocked if they didn’t. The only thing that would make the Open even more fun would’ve been if John Daly (remember him?) qualified. Imagine how interesting Merion would be with him around.

  7. Picking up golf later on in life is danm near impossible and it’s what frustrates most players right on out of the game. The lack of affordable instruction and facilities like executive courses to learn on doesn’t help either. The total lack of empathy for beginners at 7000+ yard public courses is staggering. Alot of henpecked assholes trying to get in 18 holes in 3 hours ruin things for everybody. The technology and todays modern athletes are stretching the game to the point where it’s difficult for kids to pick up. If you were lucky enough to be introduced at an early age to the game by your Dad and Grandad like i was it’s a religion. It’s about getting out with your buddies for 6 hours away from the fam and having a few beers. it certainly isn’t for everybody.

  8. Golf is just like hockey: people hate on it because they A) can’t afford to play it or B) suck at it.

    But mostly B.

    1. And hockey is played by men, and golf is played by guys with tits.

  9. So, um, anyone else still get pissed watching the Blackhawks knowing we missed out on getting Patrick Kane by the mere flip of a coin and we got stuck with JVR?

  10. No posts as of 1:00 pm today? What are you out at Merion helping the groundskeepers get the course back into playable shape?

    Ah guess there aren’t any relevant updates for the depressing Philly sports. Ugh.

    1. …which doesn’t say a whole lot about you. That implies that new posts would make your day WORSE, yet you keep coming back to check for them. Do you go out and ask random people to kick you in the nuts, then go whining to your friends that some random person just kicked you in the nuts? Because that’s kind of what you’re doing right now.

  11. I’m guessing we will get a post around 5 today saying, “ugh, had it with **insert cable provider or website host here**, sorry about no posts; been on the phone with them all day”

  12. Daily News is not publishing any negative weather comments about US Open. The USGA and Merion’s elite have all the media in their hip pockets. Weather is part of the story. The course and the spectator areas can’t handle the rain. Readers of the the Daily News and Inquirer have a right to talk about their experiences at Merion. What is going on is a total whitewash of the situation. I was out there Monday. It was horrible. My New Balance running shoes are ruined. It was all deep mud and large puddle of waters.

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