Marcus Hayes Just Compared Chase Utley to Andrew Bynum, Nnamdi Asomugha and Ilya Bryzgalov

I truly think Marcus Hayes hates white people. Or just Chase Utley. Or both.

In his column today, Hayes, who wrote in big-boy paragraphs for the first time in a while, ticked off all of the lousy contracts handed out by Philly GMs in recent years. It’s hard to disagree with most of Hayes’ words (which is a rarity), but, for some goofy reason, he decided to lump Chase Utley’s (club favorable) seven-year, $85 million deal that he signed in 2007 in with the contracts of Andrew Bynum, Nnamdi Asomugha, Ilya Bryzgalov and others:

When the Phillies signed Chase Utley to a 7-year, $85 million deal in January 2007, it seemed a value-laden deal for three seasons. It cost the Phils only about $25 million for the best-hitting second baseman in the National League.

It is costing them more than $60 million over the past four seasons, including this one, to watch Utley erode before their eyes – an erosion that, given Utley’s style of play, was not unforeseeable. Now, Utley has contributed, but for no more than half of his paychecks’ worth. Call him a $30 million loss.

Yeah, he just called Chase Utley a $30 million loss.


Sure, like you, I love Chase and am probably overly reflexive about defending him. But Chases’ contributions – a word Hayes uses as if he’s conceding the point that, yeah, Chase doesn’t suck – since signing his contract include: astronomical .900+ OPSssss in 2007-2009, All-Star Game appearances in 2007-2010, a World Fucking Championship in 2008, tying Reggie Jackson’s record for home runs in a World Series (5) in 2009, and, you know, being probably one of the all-time most beloved Philly athletes. Stuff like that.

When Chase signed his contract in 2007, he was shaping up to be a Hall of Famer. Recent injuries have derailed that train and caused him to play nowhere near the level of his backloaded contract ($15 million per since 2010). But in no way is Utley a loss. SABR folks will even point out that his WAR is still quite high. And I’m willing to bet that if you asked the Phillies if they would do it all over again – sign Utley, their star, to an $85 million deal to guarantee the five best seasons in team history – they wouldn’t hesitate for a second. Hayes probably isn’t smart enough to even consider this, but the $30 million that the Phillies have lost on Utley in the last four years was likely more than off-set by the millions Utley helped to generate from 2007-2011 (and yes, I know those timeframes overlap… because Hayes makes no sense).

Incredibly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Hayes just about glossed over Ryan Howard’s five-year, $125 million deal, which kicked in last year:

So, we’re up to $101.3 million in lost money . . . and we’re just getting to Ryan Howard, who, at 30, signed a 5-year, $125 million extension in 2010.

Foot, ankle, Achilles’ tendon and knee problems have cost Howard power and playing time this season and last, during which he will make $40 million. Worth it? Not close; but his very presence makes him valuable. Make it a $10 million loss . . . so far.

Howard’s presence makes him valuable… and Utley’s doesn’t (or didn’t)? What the hell kind of lazy sentence is that?

Hayes, who is both white and black (his words), has seemingly never liked Utley, I think because Utley is white. In 2010, Hayes claimed that Utley got a pass for that very reason.

Look, I’ve run this site for long enough to hear things about Utley that I’d rather not have heard– he’s far from a criminal, but he’s crusty, usually the opposite of friendly, and would probably rather play the game in a vacuum devoid of fans, media and Michael Martinez. But what he has contributed to the Phillies and the way that he plays the game are things that speak for themselves. For Hayes to call him a $30 million loss and, worse, to lump him in with Andrew Bynum, Nnamdi Asomugha and Ilya Bryzgalov… that does a great disservice to readers of Hayes’ dying newspaper. And it’s a vindictive swipe against a guy who probably blew Hayes’ fat ass off six years ago.


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  1. Another race-baiting article from the rabble-rousing gossip queen, Kyle Scott. This will be sure to bring out the best in Scott’s readers, who have been shown in the last few days to have racist tendencies.

    And now blue balls is gonna do the “If you don’t like it why are you here?” routine. If that’s the best you got, then you know you got nothing.

    1. Whether it’s the best he’s got or not is irrelevant. You clicked the link. You read the article. Kyle got your page view. Kyle got your comment. Kyle wins.

    2. Haha. Amateur troll here. Did you just happen to se this one linked on your twitter as well? Kyle, watch your back. This guy went to sleep thinking about you, woke up thinking about you.

    3. Weren’t you suppose to leave this site yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that. And the day before that…

  2. “Hayes probably isn’t smart enough to even consider this, but the $30 million the Phillies are losing on Utley in 2012 and 2013, was likely more than off-set by the millions Utley helped to generate from 2007-2011.”

    Exactly. I don’t know what the hell this guy is thinking but Chase Utley is deteriorating because of how hard he played and produced in the first half of this deal. He earned every penny of this contract and when he is healthy, is still a top tier 2b in the game. Now onto the part of this that really pissed me off..

    “Foot, ankle, Achilles’ tendon and knee problems have cost Howard power and playing time this season and last, during which he will make $40 million. Worth it? Not close; but his very presence makes him valuable. Make it a $10 million loss . . . so far.”

    This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. No one has been afraid of Ryan Howard since early 2010. No one. The guy can’t hit off-speed pitches and his presence does nothing for this lineup. He shouldn’t even be hitting in the 4 hole. Dom should. Chase is exponentially more valuable then Ryan Howard. In fact, if you were able to deal Howard’s albatross of a fucking contract elsewhere, then you could play Rollins at second, Galvis at SS and Chase at first and get some more mileage out of his knee’s. That’d be a win right there.


  3. John honey, what did I tell you about coming on this site and writing stupid comments. You sound dumb and are embarrassing the family. Now come downstairs, stop looking at porn and finish your chores. Oh and Marcus Hayes is an idiot.

  4. Marcus Hayes has always tried to be Bill Conlin but only got as far as molesting young boys. And yes he hates Chase.

  5. I can’t say I’m the least bit surprised at the monumental bullshit spewed by Hayes who is the most uppity and arrogant troll who’s ever been part of the Philadelphia media. I try not to hate, but I can’t stand that bulbous, race baiting fool who thinks he’s God’s gift to journalism, I never read his articles in the Daily News, and the minute I see his fat face on Daily News Live/Philly Sports Talk, I change the channel. His dig at Chase Utley for his contract which isn’t a fraction as onerous as Ryan Howard’s, while lumping him with the revolting likes of Bynum, Bryzgalov and Assholemugha, neither of whom did a fucking thing while playing in this town is ridiculous and asinine on more levels than I can describe. Hayes needs to get over himself and stop being such a colossal dick.

  6. Marcus Hayes is a complete douchebag. I would not doubt he stuck Utley in to prevent people accusing him of targeting black players and minorities. He usually has no clue and I rarely read him. Besides he dissed that uber Gentleman, Ray Didinger on air once and I have not forgiven him for that, LOL

  7. Marcus is not black. He be like “Yeah, Chase is a terrible player.” If he was black It should be a more natural, brother. It should flow out, like this – “Look, man, Chase Utley aint Shit” See, that’s more natural for the black man.

    1. Sean Brace has to be the biggest tool on the radio – and there are a lot of tools. But him – the leader of the pack. Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  8. Marcus Hayes didn’t have any credibility before this article. Why does it matter……..

  9. I haven’t been able to stand marcus hayes since he was covering the eagles beat back in the late 90’s or so but this one statement is a microcosm of his horrific writing: “… to watch Utley erode before their eyes – an erosion that, given Utley’s style of play, was not unforeseeable”. so much of that seems…well, unnecessary–especially “not unforeseeable”. why couldn’t he just say “was foreseeable”, i had to stop and think about what he meant; perhaps that is my own shortcomings. Seems like some charles dickens paid by the word shit. anyway, it seems as though the philly media are all about bashing utley these days, b/c “he gets a pass” and “he isn’t very nice to us” and “not talking to us is not talking to the fans”. give me a god damn break, to quote Doug Collins(probably not the best choice) the fucking guy has “run through his sneakers” for this team. he could half half assed it, like some other phillies, but that is the only way he knows how to play the game. If marcus, missanelli, etc. do not realize that is all we ask for, they have little clue as to what drives our fan base. please don’t misunderstand me, am i pissed the guy is breaking down, hell yeah. did he fuck up coming to ST and not being able to play? sure. But you sure as shit know you are getting maximum effort every time he steps out onto the field and there will be no excuses. that is all Philly fans ask for(obviously talent is needed too, effort has not worked for Kurt Coleman).
    hopefully the nationals gm, mike rizzo, has marcus’ attitude on guys that play hard and lets bryce harper walk b/c his style of play leads to injuries. this is brilliant logic, kind of reminds me of the scene in Kingpin, where ishmael laughs at the idea of claudia being hot b/c “with hips like that she couldn’t have more than 8 or 9 kids”

  10. That’s okay last night on Twitter he said Junior was on the juice for his best years. Dude’s a fucking asshat.

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