Paul Holmgren Has No Time for Michael Barkann’s Jokes

Holmgren_jokeThe fire alarm went off at the Flyers’ practice facility yesterday whilst Paul Holmgren was being interviewed by Michael Barkann about the team’s goaltending problems. Barkann attempted to take advantage of the moment of levity: “Another goal scored!”

Holmgren was unamused.

Barkann better be careful– there is a zero tolerance policy in Comcast Country for comments that speak ill of the organization.

You can see the video after the jump.

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33 Responses

    1. How why & how does home boy still have a job??? SMH at all these former flyers winning cups & eating pussy

  1. What’s with these stupid fucking survey questions???? Gonna look elsewhere for my local sports news dude. This shit is annoying.

    1. So clicking your mouse button twice is excruciating yet you found the inner strength to somehow type a comment about it

  2. Actually I think Barkann is a total tool with his swarmy jokes and the real story would have been if Holmgren reacted in any other way than the one he did.

    1. After his rare interview with Steve Carlton (I rarely hear him talk) he called him a the uni bomber. Fuck barkann and his awful jokes, HIS YELLING LOOK AT ME LOOK HOW FUNNY I AM style. His ever attempt at being funny and we cannot escape him. 10-1 on WIP then any local sports I watch.


  3. Homer has pics of pellie’s frozen corpse in Eddie Snider’s wine cellar.
    Only way he still has a job

  4. Heard homer and Barks dicks touched while banging Amy Fadool and its been awkward ever since

  5. That jew is fucking annoying anymore, he’s trying way too hard to be funny nowadays. He also suddenly thinks he’s a sports expert because of his horrible radio show with Reese who graduated from Michigan State but, can’t say the word “ask”.

  6. Barkcann always asks inappropriate questions when interviewing people. I remember cringing when he was interviewing that wet-back kapernick grilling him about pistol offense & chip Kelly

  7. Holmgren shouldn’t have a job. Say what you want Kyle that’s funny, you just always stick up for the Flyers and no other Philly team. It’s pathetic how bias you are.

      1. You’re joking right? You throw a little jab here and there towards the Flyers but in typical over the top hockey fan fashion, it’s rag on everything not NHL. Honestly the only thing you enjoy praising more than the Flyers is yourself.

        Don’t get me wrong I love the Flyers, just gets old reading posts like Sixers are a “Mess” when the Flyers are going to spend $23 million over the next 14 years for…… one. It’s amazing how hockey always some how gets a pass. Ruben makes just as many wild moves as Holmgren yet people like you always support him and call for Amro’s head.

        If you want to be taken seriously: 1. If you’re going to spew hate, do it in all directions. 2. Stop with the selfies and trying every chance you can to post pictures or videos of your face. No one fucking cares about you’re face, you’re dog or you’re personal life.
        P.S. Challenged you to the beat the blogger and weird how you haven’t posted anything about it or anyone else……

  8. Holmgren was looking around to see if there was witnesses. I know he was thinking about Hammer punching Barkann’s face straight through the back of his skull. He better get chaperoned out to his car every night for the next couple of weeks.

  9. Just look closely …. I showed up …. see ….. the left corner …. I go up just a little.

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