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pic via College OTR, from when this idea was first discussed in 2007

Perhaps since they want to generate interest in hockey for the opening of their own arena, and perhaps because Gary Bettman’s league is doling out outdoor games like a stoned dude giving out free hugs, Penn State officials are pushing for a Flyers-Penguins game at Beaver Stadium:

Penn State officials confirm they are seriously considering the idea, whether it is an NHL or Big Ten game.

With the new Pegula Ice Arena almost ready  to open, there’s a lot of hockey excitement in State College.

Joe Battista, of Penn State Hockey Operations, says the Pittsburgh Penguins would probably faceoff against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien says he’s all for the idea.

When these reports popped up before, Joe Paterno was rumored to be against the idea… but, um, that didn’t end well, and it seems PSU folks are now eager for the game, the gate and the positive publicity that could be generated from such an event.

One challenge, Battista says, could be parking, since snow may render all the grass lots useless. But I’m sure that’s something that could be hammered out. Another hurdle? Percentages say that at least one person would killed at that game, and we would hate for that person to be a Flyers fan.

via The School Philly