Penn State Officials Want a Flyers-Penguins Game at Beaver Stadium

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pic via College OTR, from when this idea was first discussed in 2007

Perhaps since they want to generate interest in hockey for the opening of their own arena, and perhaps because Gary Bettman’s league is doling out outdoor games like a stoned dude giving out free hugs, Penn State officials are pushing for a Flyers-Penguins game at Beaver Stadium:

Penn State officials confirm they are seriously considering the idea, whether it is an NHL or Big Ten game.

With the new Pegula Ice Arena almost ready  to open, there’s a lot of hockey excitement in State College.

Joe Battista, of Penn State Hockey Operations, says the Pittsburgh Penguins would probably faceoff against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien says he’s all for the idea.

When these reports popped up before, Joe Paterno was rumored to be against the idea… but, um, that didn’t end well, and it seems PSU folks are now eager for the game, the gate and the positive publicity that could be generated from such an event.

One challenge, Battista says, could be parking, since snow may render all the grass lots useless. But I’m sure that’s something that could be hammered out. Another hurdle? Percentages say that at least one person would killed at that game, and we would hate for that person to be a Flyers fan.

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  1. if only america wasn’t about getting the most money and they would have the balls to have “these 35 sections for Flyers” and “these 35 section for Pens” fans would this be awesome.

    instead you’ll spend a shit load of money to sit in a row of fans for the other team. meh. I went to the game at Heinz and was surrounded by Caps fans (which was fine with me, but i’d be pissed if i was a pens fan)

    this would be even worse.

    1. Wait, you are upset that fans of other teams would be at the game? But then you said you are neither a Caps nor a Pens fan, but you went to the Winter Classic at Heinz Field between the Caps and the Pens?

  2. it had long been rumored that joepa was against the idea because he felt that a hockey game there would violate the sanctity of the football field. it was much like how some felt about the bruins playing at fenway a few years back. well, it would appear that road block is gone. anyone who has attended penn state, including myself, will tell you that when the flyers and pens play……SHIT GETS UGLY UP THERE! NASTY! my last year at penn state was the famous down 0-2 comeback, which included the legendary 5 OT game. before, during, and even after that series there were fights in bars, on the streets, at parties, etc. so, it wouldnt surprise me if war broke out in happy valley!

  3. Considering PSU harbored and enabled a child molesting monster for years I hope the NHL, Flyers and Penguins all have enough class to avoid this nonsense.

    This is a money grab for Penn State, a school who should be shamed and relegated to obscurity not celebrated and handed over millions of dollars.

    1. fcskills, individuals like DT are not worth wasting your breath on because they are incapable of separating fact from emotion. thus they make irrational statements such as the students, alumni, faculty, workers, and community of penn state should all be punished for the actions of 5 people.

  4. That might be the worst fucking photoshop I’ve ever seen. Fucking 120 yard ice hockey rink – get the fuck outa here.

    It will look nothing like that – unless either the Flyers or Bruins decide to change the rules to extend the size of the rink and also recruit a 17 foot goalie in net

  5. Yep, i think you were too generous saying only 1 person would die if this happened. While it would be an amazing sports environment, spectacle, ect. There would be multiple people hospitalized and killed bc of it

  6. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Rinaldo issued Crosbitch her career-ending concussion in this setting? It’s nice to dream.

  7. Great idea. If I go to state college for the game, there is zero fucking doubt I will stalk big Scott Pa. Rub his belly

  8. As fantastic as this would be, keep in mind there would be no alcohol sold at the stadium and that would not be a fun time for anyone.

    1. You can get an exemption to sell alcohol..they are doing that at michigan for the leafs-red wings winter classic.

    2. Thats what the parking lots are for. You should check out a Penn State football game in the fall. Good times and free beer guaranteed.

      1. They sell beer at Minnesota gophers games because vikings are going to be playing their stadium until new vikings stadium is built. So far, I heard it’s a dud and school isnt making any profit off it.

        Only problem having the game in happy valley is there is a bar on every corner and their will be fights. Cops would be prepared because Penn state does have a history of riots breaking out, like one a spring art fair and after a lost to temple in the NCAA Tournament.

  9. They would need to have every state cop and the National Guard there because inevitably the Yinzers will start all the shit and the Flyer fans will have no other choice than beat the IC Light out of them.

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