Pilot Asks if Crying Baby on Plane is Sidney Crosby

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 11.56.14 AMThis pilot should get an extra set of those shiny, gold-plated wings… because he just flew himself right into your heart.

The captain of a Jet Blue flight from Pittsburgh to Boston this morning – which was carrying several reporters who are covering the Pens-Bruins series – made what has to be the greatest in-flight announcement of all-time when a crying baby annoyed passengers:

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 11.57.16 AM


via CBS Sports

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23 Responses

  1. THe whole boston team would have to die in a plane crash to get the Yinzers in this series. Bruins, are tougher, deeper, and have better goaltending. Get off the bandwagon u gutless bitches.

  2. I hope they laughed it up bc it will be short lived. Cidney Crosby is the hottest man this side of equador and he will win the cup!

    1. It’s Sidney with an S! Stupid clown shows how stupid and fake you Pens fans are.

  3. Come on #1 Yinzer-lighten up.

    Besides, most people in the Delaware Valley want that plan to crash into South Philly…or SOMETHING to crash there. 🙂

  4. It’s sad how much the city of Philadelphia secretly wishes it was Boston. Too bad your sports teams can’t even sniff Boston’s jock strap. Total domination in all 4 sports. You’re just a bunch of wannabes. Take some notes from a real sports town.

    1. Says the man who didn’t see a World Series for 80 something years…. You mad bro?

      1. Says the man who NEVER saw a Super Bowl and only ONE championship in 30 years…You dumb bro?

    2. How bout the 2010 Playoffs Flyers v Bruins series? Is that also what you call total domination?

      1. No big deal, just followed it up by SWEEPING the flyers on the road to winning a Stanley Cup CHAMPIONSHIP in 2011. That’s how you finish. I’m obviously talking about sports accomplishments in general, not minor irrelevant head-to-head match-ups that lead to nowhere. The goal is to win championships. Learn about it.

  5. I’m sorry but did the flyers & their star (lol) G make the playoffs? SMDH at the haters

  6. Bean-no one in Philly really gives a sh*t what you think, We’re simply rooting for Boston because we despise the Penguins.

    Get lost, idiot.

  7. Penguins Fan Who Goes to Temple: I’d rather miss the playoffs than the “Cup Favorite”(according to the idiots that root for the Penguins and the Media).

    The Penguins future is screwed, thanks to Shero’s buying spree…and good luck with the reduced salary cap.

  8. Adios, I’m unsubscribing. The comments section here makes Yahoo’s look good. Dopes.

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