The Eagles Finally Announced Massive Lincoln Financial Field Renovations

After several reports that the Eagles were planning to upgrade the Linc, the team finally announced their “stadium revitalization” plan yesterday. Not sure I’ve ever seen such sweeping changes to a 10-year-old stadium, but you can’t complain about any of these things:

The Philadelphia Eagles will upgrade Lincoln Financial Field over the next two years through a series of projects that aim to enhance the fan experience through better convenience, comfort, and connection.

Lincoln Financial Field, the team’s home since 2003, will undergo a series of revitalizations over the next two years. Upon completion prior to the start of the 2014 season, the stadium will have improved amenities for all fans including new HD video boards, Wi-Fi installation, and bridges that will connect both sides of the upper concourse. In addition, the stadium will expand by 1,600 seats to accommodate nearly 70,000 fans.

The team has set up what appears to be a landing page that will track the renovations (happening now: Wifi wiring, drywalling and painting). The HD video board, additional seats, upper-concourse walkway and Wifi are the major changes. Beyond those, many of the upgrades are cosmetic ones that will embrace the past with banners, imagery and other assorted signage. The Eagles have never been very good at honoring and celebrating their former players and teams, so this is a nice step forward.

Another goal of these changes may be to get a Super Bowl in Philadelphia. Jeffrey Lurie said as much when he talked to Ed Kracz of Philly Burbs about wanting to host the big game:

“We’re going to watch that very carefully,” Eagles Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie said about the New York Super Bowl. “I’m sure we’ve all been at phenomenal football games outside in December and January. So, absolutely, root for a decent-weather day in New York and New Jersey and we think we’ve got a great city here to host it, a great stadium, and I’m sure others feel the same way.”

See additional images and renderings released by the team, after the jump.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 8.29.01 AM

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  1. Hey, Eagles fans! get ready for your season ticket prices to go up—-WAY up!

    1. “While the bill is prohibitive, the Eagles are financing the project without any use of public monies. Team president Don Smolenski added that there won’t be any ticket price increases based solely on this revitalization.”

      This was in the Ed Kracz article Kyle referred to.

  2. In the third-from-last before/after shot, the makers of these renderings photoshopped a leafy tree into the ‘after’ shot to replace the branchy one bereft of leaves in the ‘before’ shot. Super Bowl, here we come.

  3. Gee i can’t wait until they come begging the taxpayers for money that will provide no benefit to the taxpayers.

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