Videos: Fans Boo Bob Davidson, John Mayberry Jr. Walks It Off

I love you, Philadelphia.

Here’s Mr. Generic’s walk-off, from reader Jeff:

If you have or see any videos of the boo, send them our way.

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8 Responses

  1. Okay.. if you choose to document the crowd at any game, can we agree that its best to keep your own mouth shut while filming the video? No one wants to hear you drown the sound of the rest of the crowd out. Its like watching the video and having some guy in your ear going “BOOOO” the whole time. And it happens in EVERY SINGLE ONE of these kinds of videos.

  2. The Bob You Suck Chant seemed to have started in right field in either the 300 or 200 level.

    Also, after a few minutes, most of the booing became a joke. People were laughing and smiling as they were doing it.

    1. agreed! umpires are the least bit phased by fans booing. theyre such assholes that they they thrive on such responses.

  3. Wasn’t Davidson the one that provoked the bench last year and tossed Charlie? Davidson himself was suspended for it…maybe he’s holding a grudge.

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