What Would DeSean Jackson Do?

Evan Mathis is awesome.

Instagram, the popular photo service for adding stylistic hues to your selfies, debuted its 15-second-max video feature last week, and, not surprisingly, DeSean Jackson was all over that ish, posting – by my unofficial count – 17 videos in seven days. In them, he… goes to da club, does a backflip into a pool, jumps off a balcony into a pool, goes to da club, shows us Louis Vuitton swag, shows us Maybachs, goes shopping at Louboutin, goes to da club, works out(!), raps, says he’s chill, shows off some of his expensive clothes, goes to da club, watches the NBA Finals, pays homage to Lil Snupe (respect) and dances with his pants down.

He is going to be so, so broke so, so soon.

Unless… he keeps taking money from T-Mobile to do Q&As on their Twitter, which he did yesterday. You can read all of the questions on their timeline. It was mostly mundane, but DeSean did say that he doesn’t think any cornerback is tough to go up against…

… and that he is the fastest player in the league:

So, WWDJD? Stay humble. Always.


6 Responses

  1. I wish the owner of this blog would go so, so broke so, so soon….

    I forgive you Kyle. It IS a slow news day…

  2. Put anyone against DeSean… yeah, that’s pretty much been the strategy last few seasons

  3. What it is, what it be. Why it be makin funs of deshawns all da times, ya heard? He be makin money, showin dis here world how ya can’t hold us down.

  4. Apparently being the fastest in the NFL translates into 2 Td’s in an entire season.

    Can someone please explain to me what language he is speaking in?

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