Who was the First Guy to Make a Dumb Patriots Tight End Comment?

This fuckin’ guy, of the Orlando Sun Sentinel:

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 3.46.32 PM

Aaron Hernandez was charged with murder today. He was also released by the Patriots, who will need another tight end.

H/T to (@chrislittmann)


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  1. Can only imagine all the support tweets for hernandez from the dumb nagger athletes

    1. Wow. I haven’t heard that one yet! You’re so original! No wonder you are a fan of TMZ Philly Sports, aka Crossing Broad!

      1. And calling this site that is very original, too! No wonder you read and comment on a site you shit on.

  2. Are people supposed to pretend it isn’t happening or news? Not sure why Kyle’s panties are twisted over this …

  3. Nothing stupid about Revere’s tweet, Kyle. Did you just have a brain fart?

  4. The Pats should of hired that brother cop who punch that taco cunt at the PR parade as a bodyguard

  5. TMZ Philly Sports aka Crossing Broad:
    What’s wrong with pointing out that the Patriots wont have both of their Pro Bowl Tight Ends this season? It’s not a slow news day, yet you’re still focusing on irrelevant nonsense.

    1. Nothing. Kyle Scott the webmaster of TMZ Philly Sports is just an attention whore who likes to stir things up to get noticed.

        1. Give me an example of one legitimate positive effect this sports paparazzi blog has had.

          1. Well, John, it’s given you a feeling of self-worth, for one. And two, it’s mae you quasi-famous, so I’m sure your massive ego is grateful…

  6. Pretty jealous that Hernandez is going to get to go to prison and be around all those big, juicy black dicks.

  7. I’m with ya Kyle’s Wife. I’d love to get my hands on all that torquage in the pen

  8. Hernandez musta been hit too many times… I think the Patriots should sue him! After all there’s got to be some sort of clause for murdering someone while under contract, right?!

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