Your iPhone is Going to Look and Feel A Lot Different Starting This Fall

Judging by my Google Analytics, almost 80% of you who access the site with a mobile device use an iPhone or iPad. So, here’s what your device is going to look like this fall. I could listen to Jony Ive read me bedtime stories… all day, every day.

Full coverage of the Apple keynote over at The Verge, or just go admire Apple’s IOS page, if you’re interested.


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  2. Yea and it looks about as underwhelming and disappointing as their previous iOS, as well as their last line of iPads and iPhones. The exact same product repackaged and re-purposed.

    Wow, icons are ‘flat’ and ‘not glossy.’ Anyone can jailbreak an iPhone with 15 minutes, a gizmodo article, and a USB cord and make their phone look exactly like that or better. What a complete and total disappointment.

  3. I’m not a fan of Apple products. You can’t develop applications unless they are of practical use to everyone. The Apple has to approve every app for resale through the app store.

    I have an iPhone but I began developing Droid app’s. and I’ll be getting a Droid when my contract is up.


    1. All you Droid people are the same. Ive both iPhone and Droid, the iOS is 100% more reliable then the Droid OS. Ive had a few different model Droids and they all seem to work the same. LIKE SHIT!!!

      Go Fuck yourself Face, you Fucktard!!!

  4. cool story FACE…we care so much about your app developing please tell us more

    1. Just giving further reasoning for why Apple fucking blows. Keep shelling out that money for their garbage repackaged product though doosh canoe.

  5. Apple products are all about civil equality. Why shouldn’t retards have the opportunity to use smart phones?

  6. iPhone pitched a great game this weekend and really has a shot at his first All Star game

  7. Droid sucks, I have both iPhone and a Droid, cant stand using the Droid. Apps for iPhone are way better. Face, did you graduate high school? You are a big FUCKTARD!!!

  8. Ive always been a non apple guy, but theres no denying that 10 year boom they had with the itunes, ipod, iphone and ipad..They hit back to back to back to back grand slams in an unorecedented way. Having said that, theres no really commanding reason to own apple hardware anymore unless youre over-invested in apple products/ iTunes downloads, or you just like to overpay by double for a product thats equal or inferior to the rest of the market.

    During that 10 year boom, apple revolutionized both the hardware and software aspects of how we get and use our entertainment. And they had a stranglehold on it because the other companies couldnt keep up. Apple had a pretty shitty business model that was uber restrictive and basically said, “My way or the highway”..But they were able to get away with it because they were thr only game in town (which also allowed them to charge double what the thing should be worth).

    But now droid phones and tablets have finally caught up, and the hardware boom has died down in favor of apps and cloud developement. This is a market which thrives off of open source, flexibility and creativity; shit apple has never embraced as far as their customers are concerned…Now that everyone else has caught up and fully embraced cloud capabilities/apps, and released just as good, if not superior, hardware to run them on at half price –apple is fucked. The last 3ish years with them has been nothing but the same repackaged products with little to no upgrades (omg siri can talk to you! Omg its thinner…omg look at the pretty icon look thats 6 years out of date)…And now that that everyone else has caight up, apples shitty “it just works, trust us” business model is going to slowly fuck them over in a bad way…4 or 5 years ago people wouldnt have blinked at them completely changing the plugs for their chargers and wouldbe gone out and bought 150 bucks worth of new iHomes and adapters and car accessories…Now theyre saying what me and my 60+ year old technology illiterate dad said: “Fuck the iPhone 5, im getting a droid that has a bigger screen and more freedom for half price and with a charger that works with everything!”

    Oh and go Phillies.

  9. My first I-Phone is a 4. It has some aspects that are better than the Droid but IMHO the Droids have the I-Phone beat. Their Navigation is FAR SUPERIOR (apple got me lost a few times). They have more apps to choose from. They don’t have “the cloud” keeping track of all of your personal info and trying to make you pay extra for it. The I phone is better for battery life and not needing to be shut down regularly, but that’s it. Now Apple wants to fuck everyone over by changing the plug so everyone needs to go buy a new everything you already bought (docking radio, chargers, etc.. who bones their customers on purpose besides Apple?…) Fuck Apple, my next phone is going to be a droid.

  10. Baaaaaaaaa. All you apple sheep are morons. I’ve had both, you can keep your crapple shit phone.

  11. where can i download all of your apps, face? i wan them, like, 5 minutes ago.

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