A Moment with Marcus: Marcus Vick Reacts to George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict

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23 Responses

  1. What “nigga” got a life sentence for trying to feed his family? Needless to say, I’m glad Zimmerman got off on these trumped up, over charged, charges

  2. Haha, what a fascinating example of a true, educated young person. LEARN TO SPELL AND SPEAK PROPERLY.

    1. Hey Yo Lil faggot, Know that ‘hood’ you talk about? Well, Zimmerman fought back against the ‘hood’. Guess what asshole? The hood lost.

  3. RIP Lil Snupe.

    Oh and fuck the Vicks. Sparkling wiggle trash. George Zimmerman is an asshole but should have never been on trial.

  4. Ahh, more pearls of wisdom from Marcus. I wonder if he knows, or cares that Zimmerman is part-Hispanic. Probably not.

  5. Black people are so racist smh, I heard the thug was actually drinking a Arnold Palmer but it sounded to white

  6. Folks please… it’s not even no black people n that jury.

    Or Hispanic/Afro-Peruvian males.

  7. not one person in this world would truly believe marcus’s post. It is just random ramblings of a spoiled brat who never worked for anything in his life and is used to getting his own way even when he knows he is dead wrong.

  8. I like how he still thinks the dog fighting was no big deal.

    Trayvon thought he was hard. To quote Walter Sobchak, this is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass.

  9. In his excellent post of “It’s not even no black people n that jury”… Um yes, yes there was.

    And if Tryvon Martin was a thug white kid all “hooded” up instead of a black kid, he still gets shot that night, and Zimmerman still gets a not guilty verdict. I’m sure all the black power figures would really be concerned if that was the case.

    I blame the media for this bullshit…

  10. Gotta love it…he tweets support for Aaron Hernandez, a Hispanic, and then wants Zimmerman (essentially) executed. Are there now degrees of being a minority? Is being black MORE of a minority than being white? Using the One Drop Rule, nobody in this case was white, so leave the white people out of it.

  11. So where is all the outrage at the 20 “Trayvon’s” killed weekly in Chicago alone?

    Where is all the outrage when the “Trayvon’s” being shot at end up causing innocent children to be killed?

    It seems to me when OJ Simpson was acquitted there were also demonstrations, but that was different wasn’t it? It was different because a black man got off his murder charges for killing white people. And they all cheered.

    This is pack mentality and it’s disgusting.

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