A Moment with Marcus: Michael Vick’s Brother Has Given His Long-Awaited Response to Riley Cooper’s Racial Slur

And, yep, he put a bounty on his head:

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.30.41 PMScreen Shot 2013-07-31 at 6.30.50 PM

This has been A Moment with Marcus.

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63 Responses

  1. Not siding with Cooper, but no wonder racism still exists. Marcus does realize this is his brother’s teammate, no? Also I don’t think he has 1K to his name that didn’t come from his brother lol

    1. Wait what? No wonder it still exists? Why say that?

      Ignorance and stupidity can be found across all races.

      F off.

      1. F off? Good one “Bill”. Did I say racism only comes from blacks? No, lol. Obviously shown from Cooper today. Marcus Vick is one of the most racist P.O.S. out there.

    2. like any safety who is making 5 million a year is really going to get fired up for a thousand dollars…what a joke. And, isnt this the brother of the Dog Murderer?? Should take a long hard look at his brother’s issues first..

  2. I kind of feel bad for cooper. Dude was blacked out drunk & had no clue what he was doing

  3. Tom I’m down here with some lucky fans who just won a vibrator signed by the legendary Amaury Telemaco and all they’re wondering is how Marcus Vick has so much time to tweet in between forcing drugged teenage girls at gunpoint to fellate his friends while he watches and his many various court dates? Sarge I love your hat!

    1. mike vick money just put a bounty on his own teammate, so mike vick put a bount on his own teammate says:

      this is excellence…keep em coming

  4. Sooooo Michael Vick is (indirectly) putting a bounty on the head of one of his receivers? Good news is Vick will be on the bench anyway.

  5. At least Va Tech taught him the difference between piece and peace. Anyway if people like marcus vick didn’t exist i wouldn’t have the urge to say NIGGER!

    1. Apparently, you are too. Ignorance cuts across all color lines as well as social/financial levels.

      1. Glad someone else know the actual definition of the word. Ignorance comes from all races.

  6. I really have to wonder how many people he has called a “cracker”. Some anecdote about “glass houses” and “stones” springs to mind.

  7. Booze is no excuse for any action you take. Even Cooper knows that, as he stated in his press conference. Looks like his little buddy was trying to tell him it wasn’t cool, especially with a camera pointed at him. Then, to add fuel to a fire of ignorance, Marcus reacts to a screw up. It gave him the opportunity to make an ass of himself on top of the other ass, Cooper, and to show he has no command of the English language. @Oh The Humanity, sounds like you already have the urge to say vile things. All you need is an excuse, right on par with Marcus. Brotherly Love? I think not…

    1. New here? Sounds like you take things a little too seriously. So righteous of you to judge me. Ill leave it at that. I know who the real enemy of the state is and they live on the high horse in Washington. I love all people trying to better themselves. Shut up righteous rick you sound like such a PC liberal pussy. The easiest way for this type of shit to go away is for people to laugh it off and not get so fucking offended by EVERYTHING anymore. Laugh it off hardo.

  8. two misspellings in the first tweet and a grammatical error in 2nd – good job homey…, and it’s 3 dots not 5 bro

    and poor Riley you dumb dumb ass – this is America, you would have gotten in less trouble if you shot the guy

  9. Lurie just scheduled a meeting with the black season ticket holders. They are outraged!!! He’s picking the four of them up in his limo.

  10. This stupid mother fucker needs to shut his piehole…I woul love to spend an hour with this guy and count the number of times he uses the same word in his everyday vernacular!

  11. That awkward moment when Marcus Vick retweets skip bayless hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. Isn’t Marcus the one always preaching “2nd chances”? Funny he thinks his P.O.S. brother deserves a “2nd chance” for killing animals while Riley Cooper, who apologized, deserves his “ass lit up” for saying a word that Marcus probably uses like it’s “dude” or “man”.

  13. Seems like every African American family has a Marcus. Never listens to the mature family members

  14. is Marcus Vick the same scumbag who was arrested for getting 2 15 year old girls drunk and then molesting them ? oh yeah, we should let him judge character

  15. Riley Cooper was wrong for what he said, but Marcus Vick is part of the reason why SOME black people still get called niggers. Marcus is the definition of a nigger.
    Using a racist term is completely unforgivable, but killing dogs with your brother was just a minor slip up.

  16. Fuck this Nigger at least I’m in the NFL no some dead beat nigger relying on my Brothers moNey

    1. Yo my nigga, I know I’se just talkin shit on ya on da twittah, but yo mang, yoo think you coul let me hold fi hunnert?

  17. What’s funny about this is that someone called Vic a dog murderer. And I can understand why because u defend that, which u come from. A dog is an animal not a human but some where in your twisted mind you think that they are one in the same. It’s a fact that whites were in a cave with a dog and lived in there with their animals amongst animal feces. This is where chicken pox come from. I say this because the criminal is you Mr white man & woman. Any smart individual would see that wrong has no color, therefore, u would know that your judgement is fair. All of you would say u believe in God but what God do u believe in? Satan, the God u believe in, would accept u standing by a racist person, a person with hate for the Most High’s creation and people. And blacks can’t be racist nor have they ever been racist. This act was and still is used against blacks, not against whites. There are some whites out there that know this truth and are willing to reject Satan’s hate for the Most High’s people and accept the Most High’s love. If you all would have made the same attack on Big Ben the Pittsburg QB for him raping a girl then I could say, you was fair about Marcus or called out Brat Farve for his drug use then I can see you all being fair. But these things get little attention and are never brought up again.

    1. We are all not perfect…we can also talk about the 15 and 17 year old blacks that shot and murdered the 13 month old white child just for fun…really am sick of this racist bull shit we need to now more then ever be one race cause america is going to shit in a hand bag as we speak

    2. You are either a brilliant troll or a fucking idiot. Blacks can’t be racist? See thats the idiotic attitude held by so many black folks that allows them to be undeniably and in fact, cruelly racist to latinos, asians, indians, middle easterners, and yes, caucasians, while in their fucked up heads, they think that its normal behavior, and is race-neutral. And Vick was a dog murderer. Now I could care less, so long as he plays good football, but to say that calling someone a racial epithet is equivalent to, or even worse than, murdering an innocent animal is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard.
      Now I will say that you have a genius theory about chicken pox. But I think I can one-up you here, just be quoting the great Kenny “Motherfucking” Powers: “You know how the plague started back in the day, was from a little disgusting birdbath in someone’s backyard that rats made sex to birds in it and created a whole new type of AIDS.”

  18. Some of you spit out the word n-gg-r as if you would really do something if you see men that you identify the word with. You and the heavenly host know that we will beat the brakes off any one of you that would call us that to our face. So this is your outlet. Know that your day is coming and I pray that you remember this day when you was N-GG-R crazy. If Marcus is really out there, man quit trying to prove your love for your brother to the public. The Most High will fight our battles. Some of these N-GG-RS haters will not see their next birthday and will have to be judged by the Lamb of Life who look like the same people that they call NIGGERS. If they don’t fear or respect the Most High, why would they respect you and you belong to Him. Peace to those that love Peace!

    1. What the fuck you talking about man stop calling your selves n\&4rs and I promise you it woukdnt affect you so much cause the word would dissipear you dont see us calling each other cracker or honkey or whatever everyday and crying wolf when any other race calls us it..im not saying its right to say it but c’mon man

    2. How dare you equate the Lord and Savior with a violent uprising. Now I hate to talk religion on these boards, because my religion is something I like to keep to myself. But you are a fucking retard if you honestly believe that the Lord is going to back some ridiculously ill-conceived power play/race-riot enacted by the black community.
      And as for a black guy beating on a white guy, just for being called a silly word: You obviously hold a shameful view of the black man. Any individual who would physically attack another over being called a simple word is a weak-minded, uncivilized idiot. And if such a sentiment is representative of the black community as a whole, well then I guess I can’t say I am suprised that the aforementioned community continues to languish in poverty and despair.

      1. If memory serves me right, that same religion you are referring to Blacks were hung in the name of. The word is only simple if your not Black, people tend to forget that the Civil Rights act was passed in 1964, that is only 49 years ago, 5 years before I was born. So let’s not pretend that 300 years of open racism, has just disappeared in 50 years. Do I agree, what Marcus, said no but do I understand his anger. I am not a racist but I am Black, unless you walked in the shoes of a Black and experience some of the things that he has experience, you wouldn’t understand.

  19. Marcus Vick needs to go back to school and learn proper grammar. Hell, the guy used the N word, and most blacks use that word. At least he did not kill innocent dogs, like his illiterate teammate Michael Vick…. Hey Marcus, how is that football career going, you POS ! Kicking a player while he is on the ground.. You too are a POS, just like your brother… Hide your Beagle, Vicks an Eagle.!!

    1. I’d be completely on your side in this matter if you didnt worship a serial rapist \

  20. This is the problem right here cooper says one offensive word while he was drunk and getting f’ed with…you put a bounty on a white man and its fine…no wonder you weren’t drafted punk!!

    1. I believe it. Out of the hundreds of folks out there he asked to borrow fi hunnert from, at LEAST 2 were bound to say yes.

  21. All I’m gonna say is before you wanna place a bounty, learn the difference between peace and piece. Ignorance is on all sides!

  22. If Michael Vick has a half way intelligent P.R. Person he should be thanking Cooper for being that dumb. He should stand up and defend him (after talking with him). And take the high road and tell the media that it is handled in house and that he is my team mate and better not come after Cooper. Say something about knowing about making mistake and people should forgive him (and me). We are Eagles blah blah etc. This could be gold for him. Just shut your stupid brother mouth.

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