Cliff Lee Wasn’t a Fan of the Phillies’ Team Meeting Yesterday

PettiboneTomorrow may be the day of reckoning for the lackluster, just-below-mediocre 2013 Phillies. That’s when Ruben Amaro and his gaggle of stubborn, stuck-in-their-old-ways executives will meet to discuss the future of the franchise. Will the Phillies be buyers (oh please God no) or sellers at the trade deadline? The answer to that question may very well be dependent on the team’s play during the current home stand. So, it apparently rubbed Rube the wrong way when Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels, both veteran interview bombers, harassed Jonathan Pettibone during his in-game interview on FOX Saturday night. The Phillies were trailing 3-1 at the time. They went on to lose, 13-4.

Amaro and Charlie Manuel were so enraged at their millionaires acting like humans while the Phillies were trailing that Manuel called a team meeting before the game yesterday. Doesn’t sound like Cliff Lee was a fan.

From Todd Zolecki:

It sparked Amaro and manager Charlie Manuel to call a team meeting before Sunday’s game.

It sounded like they had a tough audience waiting for them.

“I’m not doing the in-game interview today,” Cliff Lee barked at a Phillies media relations staff member beforehand in front of a reporter. “If they’re going to get mad about that, we’re not doing them anymore.”

Asked about the meeting, Amaro said, “I have nothing to say.”

Did it go well?

“Nothing to say,” he repeated.

“I’m not going to comment at all about that,” Lee echoed.

The Phillies have occasional meetings throughout the season, but this one carried some additional significance with Amaro and the front office involved (Manuel usually calls meetings to talk to his team). But on a typically quiet Sunday morning, there was a flurry of activity with doors opening and closing, and catching coach Mick Billmeyer summoning pitching coach Rich Dubee and bullpen coach Rod Nichols from the bullpen so Amaro could speak with the entire coaching staff.

The clubhouse closed to reporters a short time later.

No truth to the rumor that Lee gave Amaro a wet willy during the meeting. But he probably should have.

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32 Responses

  1. Can they just fire Amaro already? Like can they just send him out the door while Manuel is cleaning out his office in October? Maybe hire Sam Hinkie? This is absurd.

    1. Rube is a pos smug no fun asshole who used to walk around lesile guidel’s place buck naked back in the early 2000’s. fire this half a Jew already

  2. Just won 4 of 6 all against good teams…but let’s call a team meeting because of our veteran aces giving the rookie a little interview hazing. Logic.

    Fuckin’ Rube…

  3. Hey, remember when Cliff “I want to win” Lee blew a 4-0 lead in a playoff game? Loser.

  4. All I used to read on this site was how “big poker” was alway swinging his big piece around – now everyone is coming for his head. It’s amusing.

  5. This is fucking great!!! Our inept GM and a manager who thinks Nix is a starter, are going to drive the the best pitcher on our staff to request a trade. So we can get a bag balls and two more McDonald( wait he has a .095 bating average he should hit cleanup).
    This front office is fucking pathetic. Obliviously Cliff and Cole are trying to have because the front office is trying to throw the season. Why else would we sign a career .236 hitter with three hits this season and put him on this roster and then bring up Ruf, only to start Nix. I hope Lees son throws a fastball right at Rubens nuts.

  6. Completely asinine behavior by Lee and whoever else was throwing the sunflower seeds. The first toss or two was funny but by the seventh or eighth it was beyond tiresome and childish. And then the helmet and cup stuck on top, c’mon. Grow up. Pettibone handled it very well, kudos to him for being the more mature person.

    1. STFU. Obviously you don’t watch baseball. THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL ROOKIES!!!! No matter what team they are on the rookies get hazed. It’s a right of passage. Obviously you have never done anything worth while in your life. Just because you got a trophy for showing up to the knitting competition, doesn’t mean you know shit about sports. Please go back to your mom’s basement.

      1. Wow, relax dude. Been watching baseball for well over 40 years. I know all about rookie hazing and the time-honored traditions, blah, blah, blah, etc. Hazing doesn’t need to take place on network television. Just because Lee is their best pitcher this year doesn’t excuse childish behavior. Stupid is as stupid does, and that was really lame, boorish behavior. I was okay with it at first, or didn’t you read where I said the first toss or two was OK? It was the continuation that was the problem. Sorry for thinking that professionals should act that way in the public eye.

      2. Lee does this to everyone who gets interviewed from the dugout rookie or not, and Ruin Tomorrow will be trading Cliff in about a week anyway. Probably for shit players.

  7. “Amaro and Charlie Manuel were so enraged at their millionaires acting like humans”

    Talk about pot calling the kettle black!

    Isn’t this the “OMG! Philly athlete was out, DRINKING BEER! They’re a full blown alcoholic!” blog? “OMG! Bryz had the nerve to take his son to the movies! WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!?!”

  8. Just want to be clear on this:

    1. A goaltender- who was the best player on the team for a large portion of the games the team played this season- was a little goofy, wasn’t committed to the team, and (maybe? kinda?) allegedly fell asleep in a team meeting gets absolutely crushed on this website.

    2. A pitcher- who was the best player on the team for a large portion of the games he appeared in this season- doesn’t think about the fact his team is losing (on its way to getting trounced), plays immature games with a rookie then blatantly calls out the front office for not enjoying his non-team-first attitude.

    Number 2? Well he’s just the greatest! How fucking stupid of the front office!


    Glad to see double standards are alive and well.

          1. Congrats, he won a game in 2009 that ended up meaning nothing.

          2. He was also the reason the team couldn’t hit in NLDS Game 5, right?

            Oh, i get it, you’re just a typical fan who shelves his opinion of a player based on one start. The type of fan who rolls his eyes, whenever the Ace of the staff gives up a hit or a walk, because no-hitters and perfect games are expected every fucking time the guy starts. Give me a break, Cliff has gone out and done his job well and has dominated for stretches at a time. I’m sure you’d love to see him traded for some top notch prospects, because that’s exactly what happened last time, right?

        1. People love to blame Lee for that NLDS loss, but let’s not forget terrible outfield play, the fact Charlie left Lee in the game too long that night in the first place, Carlie’s need to play the virtually lame Polanco because he is loyal to his players (even though Polanco needed a wheelchair to get onto the diamond), and the most glaring reason: THEY COULDN’T HIT. Halladay gives up 1 run in Game 5 and they can’t get him 1 stinking run. Get over the Lee game from 2 years ago already, it’s in the past and they lost that series for the same reason they lost the 2010 Giants NLCS: lack of offense

          As for this, the whole thing is being blown out of proportion. Who gives a crap about sunflower seeds? If they we winning, no one would be talking about this. Lee might not have shown good tact given the circumstances, but this team and the front office has bigger things to worry about than their best pitcher acting like a kid on national TV.

      1. You lost me as soon as you attempted to compare a goalie who was in the bottom half of the league to a pitcher that has been one of the best in baseball for 5+ years.

    1. Seriously, comparing Bryz and his monumental apathy to Cliff Lee’s commitment to winning? Wow. Cliff might have blown a few playoff starts but at least he probably lost some sleep over it. Bryz probably went home and played some COD with his comrades.

  9. So the underlying message is that the team veterans have lost respect for Charlie and Rube.

    Nice, time for a change, sooner rather then later please.

  10. All this dumbass nonsense is making my head spin. First off, I thought the antics with Pettibone were funny, Lord knows there wasn’t much else to laugh about Saturday night, especially after the game got so hideous out of hand. Meanwhile, I doubt Atlanta fans had their panties in a bunch when Evan Gattis was being interviewed and another player held up a cardboard sign imploring votes for Freddie Freeman to be the last player in for the NL All-Star squad. I thought that was funny too. Just boys being boys.

    Why Ruben got all bent out of shape over what Lee and Hamels did made zero sense to me, and to needlessly bring the hammer down on Lee (allegedly), the team’s best pitcher bar none was stupid beyond measure and might well have changed his mind about wanting to stay in this kennel of mutts. In a season that’s been off the rails from day one, this was yet another example of why everything with the 2013 Phillies needs to be blown up, and why Amaro needs to leave town with Uncle Charlie when the season ends.

  11. Rube was a mainstay of the legendary 96-98 Phillies teams, alongside such future Hall of Famers as Kevin Sefcik and Bobby Estalella.

  12. If you want Rube and Cholly gone, you have to do more than just piss and moan like you’re on the rag. You need to do more than just boo. Start chanting fire Charlie or fire Ruben, especially on a national TV game. Just talking about it won’t get these dipshits removed from CBP.

    1. Problem is, after Saturday’s disaster, the Phils might not get another national game.

  13. I’d be willing to bet that Jonathan Pettibone pees himself a little every time Lee and Hamels acknowledge his existence. He didn’t seem the least bit bothered by it and good for them helping a rookie stay loose in a pressure filled situation. I don’t know what Amaro was trying to accomplish with this, but unlike Lee, Hamels and Pettibone he sucks at his job and should shut the hell up. I know an entire fan base that would like to have a meeting with their GM right now. Can we set that up.

    BTW, the score was only 3-1 at that point. This didn’t happen during the ass kicking portion of the game.

  14. Lee is a jerk. His focus on fun and games is immature. It’s not about keeping a young guy loose. Why would he be stressed doing a TV interview? It’s about Lee not caring about a team the totally sucks at this point. And this incident was a beginning point. Trade Cliff Lee. Get him outta here.

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