Delco Man Accidentally Gets $92 Quadrillion, Ponders Phillies Purchase

Speaking of Kyle's Earlier Post about Netflix, Breaking Bad seasons 1-4 are now streaming.
Speaking of Kyle’s earlier post about Netflix, Breaking Bad seasons 1-4 are now streaming. Also, I don’t mean to imply the guy who “got” this money is an (increasingly less and less) morally ambiguous crystal meth “artist.”

As Kyle said, yeah, Philly sports news has been slow recently, hence the Breaking Bad FYI up there, but this one threw us a bone; the subject mentioned the Phillies!

PayPal accidentally credited a Media man $92 Quadrillion. Here’s where an article would say: “that’s ninety-two with some huge number of zeroes after it,” then something about “just one month’s interest on that money is enough to buy some large quantity of really expensive things.” Instead, the funny detail here is that this is so much money that even those cliches doesn’t get the point across. This is more money than has existed in the history of the world.*

What would Chris Reynolds, he of the Philadelphia suburbs, do with that money, asked (and probably every other reporter who got in touch with him)? “I’m a very responsible guy. I would pay the national debt down first. Then I would buy the Phillies, if I could get a great price.” And people say Philadelphia is an Eagles town. All the money in the world (ever), plus some, and he wants to take on Ryan Howard’s contract. Take that, Chip Kelly and your unconventional coaching methods.

PayPal corrected their mistake about 30 minutes later, making him that odd combination of newsworthy for something out of his control yet neither lucky nor unlucky.

via Los Angeles Times and and everywhere else around the world.

*I’m sort of fudging numbers here, ignoring inflation, and being that the current $70 trillion global GDP is three orders of magnitude smaller than PayPal’s mistake, I’m assuming, but I think it’s safe to say. More info here.

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  1. A Delco guy can buy a lot of tribal tattoos and handjobs from his mother with that kind of scratch

  2. He should have immediately purchased PayPal and then closed their internal investigation, and then he could have bought the Phillies and the Eagles and anything else he wanted to.

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