Here’s the Adorable MasterCard Commercial with the Phanatic and Mr. Met


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    1. Apparently Bryce isn’t the biggest d-bag in the Harper family. I knew it had to be genetic though.

  1. This is like watching a Jew a black and a Mexican having lunch with Candy @ a bar in Delco

  2. I just saw the Sports Vault ad in the upper right. Dykstra is signing ‘graphs at the KOP mall?

    Kyle I sincerely hope you’re going to be attempting an interview with Dude about things like handjobs from Craigslist maids and prison Jello.

  3. I honestly was hoping and expecting the Phanatic to come flying across the field and take out Mr. Met with his ATV, but the sprinkler worked as well. Great commercial for a great cause….fuck cancer!!!

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