Higher or Lower: Mets Fan’s Salary or Number on His Customized Phillies Replica?

Never been kissed
Never been kissed

A Mets fan, presumably one who resides in or around a place called Flushing, New York, and who roots for a team that hasn’t finished with a record of over .500 in five years, thought it would be a good idea to spend his hard-earned plumbing money on a customized jersey (~$100*) commemorating the Phillies’ MLB-leading (now)10,424 losses. He also doesn’t remove the stickers from his New Era hats.

Our fashion editor Dan Fuller took the photo in New York this weekend and explained his subject thusly:

A Mets fan was wearing this awesome custom Phillies jersey. This is a commitment to hating the Phillies more than I’ve ever seen before. He had this super-custom jersey made only to wear when the Phillies play the Mets. It is beautiful, like if Michelangelo made his David out of garbage.

I’d say something like “troll jersey,” but “troll” gets overused… and the guy wearing it was actually very friendly.**

Although personalized jerseys are on my top five most awful things in sports list, may I recommend the following, if you are so inclined to waste your money on one:

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 9.44.25 AM

This throwback commemorates the 2007 Mets. The color black, chosen because it seemed appropriate.

*At least. MLB’s website only allows you two digits for the number. This guy had outside help– five digits and a comma! That’s black market shit.

**Dan requested that being that the guy was friendly, I take it easy on him. So I did. I originally had him pegged as “out on work release.”

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17 Responses

  1. Nothing like winning a shit load of $$$ on the mets yesterday. Knew that pathetic phils team wouldn’t hit Harvey.

    Easy $$$$

    1. Daaaaamn bro! Sick pick! Now take your winnings, buy a tour to the Empire State Building, climb to the top and jump off!

  2. I wonder how much money that nimrod wasted on a jersey few, if anybody looked at? He could’ve bought himself a couple of whores and experienced the touch of a woman (probably for the first time) instead.

    1. I never understood the concept of poking fun at another team yet doing so while walking around in that team’s colors. I don’t care what a shirt says as I would be caught dead before donning the shitty colors of mets orange and blue. Of course, it should come as no surprise that this tool is wearing a flat brim with the sticker still on his hat. Though his back is turned, my money says the perfect compliment to that film brim is a chin strap beard on his face with fake ass diamond studs in his ears!!

  3. Like if the Mets had 10k losses there wouldn’t be an ad here to buy the opposite jersey? C’mon man

  4. These are facts:

    1. He is a Mets’ fan.
    2. He paid for a Phillies jersey.
    3. He wears a jersey with the Phillies name on the front of it.

    Thanks for the support guy. If your team was around for 120+ years, you’d have 20,000 losses.


  5. Wow the Mets average 83 losses a year vs the Phillies 79 of course that is based over way more time.

  6. if this picture was from the front you’d think he was a phillies fan.

    stupid ass people. I’ll vomit before wearing a Penguins / Cowboys / Giants / Mets / Knicks jersey no matter what it says on the back.

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